Premier League: Martial denies Cristiano Ronaldo has caused chaos in the MU dressing room


Anthony Martial vehemently denies rumors about the bad relationship between Manchester United (MU) players and Old Trafford superstar Cristiano Ronaldo .

Manchester United ‘s achievements in the Premier League this season can’t be said to be satisfactory. Several issues circulated regarding the cause, such as friction between players in the dressing room.

In January 2022, for example, rumors emerged that Cristiano Ronaldo was breaking the team unity in the dressing room. Reportedly, he only wants to mingle with countrymen or those who speak Portuguese.

In addition, the situation was exacerbated by claims that Ralf Rangnick, the interim manager of Manchester United, chose to return to his hometown to Germany rather than entertain his team after being beaten 1-4 by ManCity.

Because of this condition, Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly unhappy and intends to move. Moreover, anger cannot be hidden when Manchester United were eliminated by Atletico Madrid in the Champions League this morning.

Martial denied – This negative issue was denied by Anthony Martial, who is now playing at Sevilla on loan. According to him, Cristiano Ronaldo is highly respected and insists that friction or tension in the club’s dressing room is fake news.

“We all love him. There’s been some media reporting about him at United, and that’s wrong. I was in the dressing room, and I know very well what’s been going on.”

Manchester United is determined to get up in the rest of the 2021/2022 competition, especially being able to return to the Champions League. It is known that the Red Devils team had just been eliminated in the Champions League by Atletico Madrid in the round of 16.

Manchester United lost 0-1 to Atletico Madrid in the second leg at Old Trafford Stadium, Wednesday (16/3/2022) early morning WIB. Renan Lodi was the decisive factor in Atletico’s victory at Man United’s headquarters.

The Brazilian player scored David de Gea’s goal in the 41st minute. This defeat also made the Red Devils camp fail to advance to the quarter-finals of the 2021/22 Champions League. MU lost by an aggregate score of 1-2.

Now the only way for Manchester United to return to the Champions League next season is to seal the fourth position of the 2021/2022 Premier League standings. They have to compete with other teams, especially Arsenal, who have a bigger advantage.

Manager Ralf Rangnick demanded the Red Devils to immediately get up and pursue targets in the rest of the season. It was admitted that Manchester United can still do it .