Premier League: Manchester United Pursuing Chelsea Defender Harry Maguire Where are you going


Manchester United still needs a tough and experienced central defender. This season’s performance has not been stable, making the MU defense always in trouble.

Central defenders have been one of United’s problems since the start of the season. The powers of Harry Maguire, Victor Lindelof and Raphael Varane, are unstable. Therefore, it is natural that MU is hunting for a central defender who ‘instantly becomes’.

The main target point for the summer of 2022 is Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger . However, if you can bring in the German defender, what will happen to the other players?

The Mirror reveals that Manchester United are ready to sacrifice Harry Maguire’s existence for a place for Antonio Rudiger. At least, MU has a purchase subsidy if it manages to release the England defender, plus the possibility of Eric Bailly.

The chaos of Maguire’s fate did continue. Appearing inconsistently at the MU back line, it turned out to be different when he appeared with the England national team. This condition has caused many people to ask questions.

However, MU is not alone when chasing Antonio Rudiger. Two European giants are also interested in the actions of the former AS Roma and VfB Stuttgart, namely Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

Against this backdrop, it is clear that MU needs big funds to woo Antonio Rudiger to be willing to come to Old Trafford in the summer of 2022. If not, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich have prepared big funds for the strength of their back line next season.

Moreover, Antonio Rudiger’s salary is not cheap. When reluctant to sign a new contract with Chelsea, Antonio Rudiger asked for a salary of 400 thousand pounds, or around Rp. 6.4 billion per week. Of course, that’s a big number for United, who already have big expenses, especially star players like Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, if the guarantee is a balance in defense, it could be that the MU management is willing to pour a lot of money. Understandably, Maguire is classified as unstable.