Premier League: Didier Drogba wants to cry because of Mohamed Salah, why here?


Chelsea legend Didier Drogba admits he might cry if Mohamed Salah continues to break all his records.

Didier Drogba became the first African player to reach 100 Premier League goals in two spells with Chelsea. In total, he collected 104 goals.

However, his record has been overtaken by Mohamed Salah , when the Liverpool striker scored a hat-trick to help his team thrash Manchester United 5-0 at Old Trafford.

Salah then also listed his name on the scoreboard when Liverpool beat Arsenal 4-0, Saturday (20/11/2021). In total, Salah collected 108 goals in the Premier League, his breakdown was 106 with Liverpool and two at Chelsea.

Mohamed Salah’s goal collection will certainly increase because he is still active with Liverpool and is the Reds’ goal machine.

Threaten another Drogba record
Drogba still holds the record for the African player with the most assists in the Premier League (54) and the most goals in the Champions League (44).

However, Drogba’s goal record in the Champions League is also under threat, as Mohamed Salah has collected 33 goals, only 11 goals adrift.

” Drogba jokes on Mehwar TV.

Even though Salah struggled to shine during his two years with Chelsea, instead making a splash on loan at Fiorentina and Roma, he has certainly established himself in English football with Liverpool.

Didier Drogba’s impression of Mohamed Salah

“What I see in training, and all his team-mates will tell you, he has quality,” said Drogba.

“He just needs time on the pitch to show his talent and quality. When you look at the squad we had at the time, it wasn’t easy to play, but what really bonded me with Mo was that he was very nice, very polite, even when he wasn’t playing.

“He’s sad not to have contributed, but he’s always been good. When you have this kind of intelligence, it’s only a matter of time before you explode,” added Drogba.

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Arsenal’s young defender , Nuno Tavares, spreads psychic before the match against Liverpool. He boasts that he will not experience significant problems if he is played and assigned as Mohamed Salah’s bodyguard.

Arsenal underwent a tough match at Liverpool’s headquarters , Anfield, in the 2021/2022 Premier League continued, Sunday (11/21/2021). Mikel Arteta’s foster children are expected to be able to maintain consistency in the duel.

The Gunners are unbeaten in their previous eight matches having run aground in their opening three games. Meanwhile, Liverpool lost to West Ham in the last duel before the international break.

However, Liverpool will still be a formidable opponent for Arsenal. One name that is predicted to be ‘bewitching’ the Anfield public is Mohamed Salah.

Nuno Tavares, 21, admitted that he was not afraid and was ready to escort Mohamed Salah if he was trusted to appear. Arsenal ‘s young defender even spread psywar . What did he say?

Do not know him
“Salah, if I play, will face me. It has nothing to do with other players, I play for Arsenal ,” Nuno Tavares told TalkSPORT .

“Arsenal are a good team, Liverpool too. We will fight on the pitch.”

“I don’t think I will have a problem with Salah, and Salah will have no problem with me, because he doesn’t know me.”