Premier League: Competing with Liverpool, Guardiola asks Manchester City to always win


Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola insists his team must not lose a single point in the remaining Premier League matches this season. Manchester City is competing with Liverpool for the Premier League trophy .

This weekend will be crucial for Manchester City and Liverpool. Man City will face Watford on Saturday (23/4/2022).

The day after, Liverpool had to serve city rivals, Everton. The difference in game time means Man City can lead by four points if they win from Watford.

“With a four-point advantage, we can relax a bit. But we can’t lose anything,” said Guardiola as reported by Man City’s official website.

“We have been in this position before. We played against ourselves,” he said.

Manchester City still leads with 77 points. But Liverpool are only one point away and are in second place.

This season’s Premier League has entered its 32nd week. The competition for the title is also predicted to last until the last week aka week 38.

Focus on Yourself

Guardiola said, Man City should only focus on themselves. According to him it has been proven about three seasons ago.

At that time, Man City did not think too much about Liverpool, which was also their competitor. “Yes, this has happened before. I remember three seasons ago when we played 14 games, we played first and had an advantage,” he said.

“It happened. We had a chat about it. Forget it, Liverpool will win all the games and it’s only a month away,” Guardiola recalled.

Premier League Schedule
Saturday 23 April 2022

18.30 WIB, Arsenal vs Manchester United

21.00 WIB, Leicester City vs Aston Villa

21.00 WIB, Manchester City vs Watford

21.00 WIB, Norwich City vs Newcastle United

23.30 WIB, Brentford vs Tottenham Hotspur

Sunday 24 April 2022

20.00 WIB, Brighton Albion vs Southampton

20.00 WIB, Burnley vs Wolverhampton

20.00 WIB, Chelsea vs West Ham United

22.30 WIB, Liverpool vs Everton