Premier League: Antonio Rudiger Asks For Big Salary, Candidate To Be Released by Chelsea in January 2022?


Chelsea star Antonio Rudiger is reportedly asking for a big salary increase to sign his new contract with the Blues. However, Chelsea, who really wants to keep the German player, are currently considering the player’s request, especially the news that Real Madrid are also interested in signing Rudiger in January 2022.

Antonio Rudiger is one of the players who have always been a mainstay of Thomas Tuchel at Chelsea . The 28-year-old is in the prime of his career and his game fits perfectly into Tuchel’s Chelsea system of three.

While things have gone very well for Rudiger at Chelsea, where he dfdfdfdf has always shown good form with the Blues, the player doesn’t appear to be in a rush to sign a new deal at Stamford Bridge.

The reigning Champions League champions are currently considering the possibility of making Rudiger fresh in the winter transfer window in January 2022.

Inevitably it is a consideration because dsdssarere Chelsea’s position is now cornered considering Rudiger’s contract will expire in the summer of 2022.

Previous news suggested Rudiger dfghjhhggf would stay for a salary of 400,000 pounds per week. This figure will make him the owner of the highest salary in the Chelsea squad . However, according to Sport Bild , Rudiger’s actual demands are between 230 and 290,000 pounds per week.

Real Madrid and Manchester United fffddsddd can be tempting
The Blues are currently offering salaries that fall short of that demand, figures like those given to Timo Werner and N’Golo Kante.

However, if Chelsea don’t spend the money Rudiger cdddfdd is asking for, it is likely that other clubs will, with Real Madrid in a strong position to bring in the stopper in the coming weeks.

Sport Bild claim Bayern Munich are no longer interested in signing Rudiger due to salary issues. However, Los Blancos are the player’s favorite destination if they can move in January 2022.

No final decision has been made yet, but with the details of what it will take to land Rudiger’s signature, it remains to be seen if Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid are still tempted.

Manchester United is also said to be interested, and Ralf Rangnick can provide a distinct advantage for the Red Devils in the competition to recruit the Chelsea centre-back. Ralf Rangnick has a personal affinity with Rudiger’s brother and agent, Sahr Senesie.

Tuchel’s Comments
Meanwhile, Chelsea are in danger of experiencing a defensive crisis, with Andreas Christensen and Thiago Silva’s contracts also expiring in the summer.

However, both have the potential to extend the duration of their contracts at Stamford Bridge, in contrast to Rudiger. Thomas Tuchel also realized that there was a high possibility that Rudiger would leave his squad.

“We know, of course,” said Tuchel about the possibility of Antonio Rudiger being signed by another big club in the winter transfer window.

“You have to accept that sometimes it comes and you end up in a situation where things get delayed and it takes time. But I’m very, very sure that Toni also feels how valued he is and how important his role is for this club.”

“I stay calm, because I feel Toni calm. I feel the situation inside is calm, and from here we go,” he continued.