Premier League: Ahead of the Manchester derby, Rio Ferdinand reveals Harry Maguire’s depravity at MU


Rio Ferdinand has warned Manchester United (MU) has a big problem with Harry Maguire ahead of the Manchester derby against Manchester City this weekend.

Harry Maguire continues to be in the spotlight following a string of poor performances in recent weeks. Even Ralf Rangnick did not play when United were held at Watford 0-0 last weekend.In a high-intensity set-up ala Ralf Rangnick, Maguire is considered less able to tune. Ferdinand questioned whether the England star brought Manchester United in the race for the Premier League title, either this season or next season.

“I think there can be improvements,” Ferdinand said on YouTube’s Vibe with Five .

“Will Harry Maguire allow you to win it? That’s a question too.”Ferdinand doesn’t believe Maguire can fit into Rangnick’s coaching philosophy. He actually felt that the 28-year-old defender was just the source of the problem.

“You need defenders who can defend on the halfway line one-on-one, two-on-two or three-on-two if you want that security.”

“Can you do that with Maguire? That’s my problem. His speed doesn’t allow for that, he’ll always be behind.”

Manchester -The erratic performance made Harry Maguire doubtful. The Manchester United defender was questioned about his capacity by Rio Ferdinand .
Maguire’s performance has been up and down at United. Finally, the 28-year-old defender was substituted by manager Ralf Rangnick, when the Red Devils were held to a draw at Watford last weekend.

The situation made Maguire question his position. Ferdinand, a former United defender, began to mention other players who could be deployed at the heart of the MU defense.

Ferdinand said Rangnick’s game scheme seemed to still not fit with Maguire. He wondered about the players who could do it.

“I think there can be improvement. I think Lindelof is a good player, a solid player. I don’t know,” Ferdinand said on his YouTube channel, Vibe with Five.

“Whether Maguire lets you win the league, that’s a question too. Because someone like Ralf and all the top teams now, when they play, they play up front, are aggressive and want to win a lot of balls in the middle. So you need defenders who can defend in the middle. center line. One on one, two against two, or three against two if you need that security.”

Liverpool did very well. City did very, very well too. Bayern [Munich] did it too; the three best teams on the planet. Everyone plays like that, Ralf Rangnick’s style of football. Can Maguire do it, can he do that? others do it with Maguire? That’s the problem,” explained Ferdinand.