Portraits of Jin Hee Kyung on The Killer’s Shopping List, Become Lee Kwang Soo’s Mother who is Good at Business

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The Killer’s Shopping List premieres today, let’s take a peek at the portrait of Jin Hee Kyung who is Lee Kwang Soo’s mother.

Lee Kwang Soo’s new drama entitled The Killer’s Shopping List will premiere today, Wednesday (27/4/2022). Apart from AOA’s Lee Kwang Soo and Seolhyun, Jin Hee Kyung’s portrait on The Killer’s Shopping List also stole attention.

Jin Hee Kyung will be playing Lee Kwang Soo’s mother in this new tvN mystery comedy thriller drama. This is the new drama of the 1968-born actress after When the Weather is Fine and Was It Love in 2020, as well as Hello, Me! and Somehow Family in 2021.

Let’s just go straight to the facts of Jin Hee Kyung’s role and portrait on The Killer’s Shopping List before watching the drama tonight. Check out his charismatic reviews and portraits as quoted from Soompi and tvN’s official Instagram. Checkidot!

1. The Killer’s Shopping List is Jin Hee Kyung’s latest drama based on the novel of the same name by Kang Ji Young. Set in an ordinary neighborhood on the outskirts of Seoul, residents are shocked by the discovery of a mysterious body around an apartment building.

2. Interestingly, the shopping receipt from the supermarket became the key evidence to pursue the killer. This drama is a collaboration of director Lee Eon Hee who directed the films The Accidental Detective 2: In Action and Missing, and writer Han Ji Wan of dramas The Ghost Detective and Wanted.

3. Jin Hee Kyung plays Han Myung Sook, the owner of MS Market and also the mother of Ahn Dae Sung (Lee Kwang Soo). Ahn Dae Sung was once considered a genius with his extraordinary ability to memorize, but an incident at his mother’s supermarket when he was 10 years old changed his life.

4. Jung Myung Sook is a smart and fearless supermarket owner. She loves her family very much, including her incompetent but handsome husband, and her less intelligent but charming son.

5. Having a relaxed and cool style, Jung Myung Sook works hard to protect her family and shows strength in leading her employees. He managed to develop a small shop into a large supermarket that occupies the entire two-story building thanks to his hard work and cleverness in the business.

6. Jung Myung Sook has a husband named Ahn Young Choon (Shin Sung Woo) who runs a fruit and vegetable truck business. Meanwhile, Ahn Dae Sung has a girlfriend who is a passionate police officer named Do Ah Hee (AOA’s Seolhyun).

7. “Jin Hee Kyung has played many chaebol roles, but this time she played a relaxed and refreshing character. She is a strong woman who leads her family and employees. After I selected her, she turned out to be very similar to the tall Lee Kwang Soo so they were right really like family,” said the director praising Jin Hee Kyung as reported by Soompi.

8. The Killer’s Shopping List will present a drama that is both entertaining and tense. Moreover, this drama also stars Korean actors and actresses who are capable of acting. Jin Hee Kyung also agreed with this when convincing viewers to watch the drama.

9. “Although the drama is fun, The Killer’s Shopping List also contains a tense sensation so that viewers will be able to enjoy watching it,” said Jin Hee Kyung.

Those are some portraits of Jin Hee Kyung on The Killer’s Shopping List who is the mother of Lee Kwang Soo’s character who loves his family and is good at doing business. Don’t forget to watch the excitement of the story and the chemistry of the actors starting tonight (27/4/2022) on tvN, Viu or iQiyi. Watch it every Wednesday and Thursday. Don’t miss the fun!