Portraits Of BLACKPINK Members Showing Off Mobile Phones Become Controversy And Trigger Fierce Debates


Netizens In The Online Community Have Questioned How BLACKPINK Members Openly Show Off Their IPhones As Former Samsung Galaxy Models.

The cellphones of BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) members have recently become controversial and have invited fierce debate among netizens. The trigger is because now Jennie and her friends are using iPhone instead of Samsung, the cellphone they once advertised.

After Jisoo uploaded a photo of her new iPhone 13 on October 10, the online community became embroiled in a heated debate between the two parties, “Their contract is long overdue” vs. “Unfaithful.”

Samsung Electronics has been producing and selling a limited edition, the Galaxy A80 BLACKPINK edition, with a focus on the fact that BLACKPINK is gaining immense popularity in Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK, a former model of the Galaxy edition, recently showed off their iPhone phones together. Netizens in the online community questioned how Jisoo, Jennie and Rose openly showed off their iPhones.

Some pointed out that BLACKPINK is a Samsung model and could be misunderstood for being reluctant to use the Galaxy, due to Jisoo’s post saying, “I ended up changing phones.”

In fact, the Galaxy A80 was modeled by BLACKPINK since July 2019, and its contract expired in August of the following year. It’s been more than a year since their contract with Samsung ended.

Many fans explained that Jisoo’s new phone might mean that the iPhone 13 is out of stock and she will have to wait for a long time. The account that Jisoo marked in the photo is a cell phone case company.

Samsung introduced the special edition Galaxy A80 BLACKPINK in Thailand and Malaysia in 2019.

In Southeast Asia, cheap phones are doing well. That’s why they became the A80 model, commented a netizen. Shouldn’t they choose Galaxy users to be Galaxy models? added another netizen. Everyone has the freedom to use the phone they want to use and their contract is long overdue, what’s the problem?wrote netizens.

I’m disappointed with BLACKPINK. Especially the comments about how she can barely change her phone. If they love iPhones so much, why contract with Samsung? Purely for money? No respect own state company, netizens criticized.

They are free to use whatever they want, but this is not the first time BLACKPINK members have shared photos of their cellphones on social media to advertise competitors. Well, I think this is how they tarnish their own image, said another.

Still A Cell Phone Case, Former Reporter Julid Criticizes BLACKPINK With Spicy Satire

On October 12, Garo Sero Research Institute Held A Live Broadcast Titled ‘Shameless BLACKPINK’ On YouTube, Discussing The Problem Of The Cellphones They Use.

BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) continues to be the target of criticism of the iPhone cellphone problem that they flaunt on Instagram. This time, the Garo Sero Institute, which is famous for its julid comments, also criticized the four-member group.

On October 12, Garo Sero Research Institute held a live broadcast entitled “Shameless BLACKPINK” on YouTube. In that day’s broadcast, former reporter Kim Se Eui and witness YouTuber K talked about Samsung Electronics’ headlines and BLACKPINK’s cell phone change controversy.

Previously, on many community forums, posts about BLACKPINK changing their phones to iPhones soon after their contract with Samsung Electronics ended spread, sparking controversy.

Former reporter Kim Se Eui commented on the BLACKPINK cellphone controversy by saying, As a person who studies public relations and marketing, it goes against business morality.

He continued, The biggest mistake BLACKPINK made is, Samsung currently occupies the largest share of the Korean advertising market. Is BLACKPINK trying to break up with Samsung in the future?

Kim Se Eui added sarcastically, If you brag about your iPhone, does Steve Jobs give you a gift or something?

Witness K said, BLACKPINK did nothing wrong. However, since it is an exclusive contract, if they use the Samsung Galaxy as their second phone or at least don’t trust the iPhone too much, their image can be better in the eyes of the public.

K also mentioned the problem with Jisoo’s expression when showing off her new phone. In the post, Jisoo wrote, Wow, I just changed it. New phone, cute case.

K commented, This may not mean he threw away his Samsung and bought an iPhone. However, this comment can be seen as a punch to Samsung’s face.

BLACKPINK signed a contract to be the CF model for Samsung Electronics from 2019 to August 2020. Therefore, Samsung is also introducing the mid-priced Galaxy A80 BLACKPINK Edition in countries like Thailand and Malaysia.

Netizens and haters started to use this issue to criticize them.