Popular Movies of Ma Dong Seok, Hollywood Debut in Eternals


South Korean actor, Ma Dong Seok will make his Hollywood debut by starring in the film Eternals . In the film about the superhero, Ma Dong Seok will play the character Gilgamesh, who has the power equal to Thor.

Finally expanding his career to Hollywood, Ma Dong Seok is a well-known actor who has starred in many popular local films. Before watching it on Eternals , let’s first watch the following series of films that have starred Ma Dong Seok.



1. Train to Busan
Starting his career as an actor since 2005, Ma Dong Seok achieved skyrocketing popularity after starring in the film Train to Busan in 2016. In this film, Ma Dong Seok steals attention thanks to the riveting action scenes he displays against zombies.

The character he plays is Yoon Very Hwa, a man who is on a train with his pregnant wife. Thanks to his epic performance playing his character in this film, Ma Dong Seok won the Best Supporting Actor award at the 2016 KOFRA Film Awards.


2. The Outlaws
The Outlaws is an action thriller genre film starring Ma Dong Seok in 2017. In this film, Ma Dong Seok is lined up as the main character, named Ma Seok Do.

Ma Seok Do is a police officer who has no fear of anything. This film focuses on the story of Ma Seok Do who tries to disband a gang of ruthless moneylenders in an area in South Korea.

Through this film, Ma Dong Seok won the Best Actor award at the 2017 Golden Egg Awards.

3. The Villagers
A year later, Ma Dong Seok is back in the action thriller genre , this time titled The Villagers . The 50-year-old actor plays the main character named Yeok Gi Cheol.

Yeok Gi Cheol is a former teacher at a boxing school who transfers to a village school as a guidance counselor due to a problem. At the new school, Yeok Gi Cheol will meet a student named Kang Yoo Jin (Kim Sae Ron), who is often bullied and is looking for his missing friend, Han Seo Yoon. From there, Yeok Gi Cheol and Kang Yoo Jin will work together to find the truth about Han Seo Yoon’s disappearance.

4. The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil
The figure of Ma Dong Seok cannot be separated from the action thriller genre film. In 2019, he starred in the same genre film called The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil , where he played the leader of a gangster named Jang Dong Soo.

One night, Jang Dong Soo accidentally meets a serial killer and has a fierce fight. Jang Dong Soo then works with a police officer to catch the serial killer.

5. Ashfall
Ma Dong Seok also starred in one of South Korea’s highest-grossing films in 2019, namely Ashfall . This film tells the story of a natural disaster that occurred due to the eruption of Mount Baekdu which was ready to erupt.

In this film, Ma Dong Seok plays Kang Bong Rae, a professor who has researched Mount Baekdu. Kang Bong Rae was asked by the government to find a solution to overcome the volcanic eruption and save the community.

With so many popular films he has starred in and good acting quality, it’s no wonder Ma Dong Seok is now expanding his career to Hollywood. Ma Dong Seok’s latest film, Eternals will be released on November 5, 2021. Best of luck Ma Dong Seok!