‘Popeye’ Lee Sang-yong, ♥ Wife’s Guilt “Traffic accident during pregnancy, to the point of death… I can’t even talk about the hardships” (‘My Way’)[Comprehensive]

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[OSEN=Reporter Kim Na-yeon] Lee Sang-yong from ‘Popeye’ showed off his pathetic wife.

On TV Chosun’s ‘Star Documentary My Way’, which aired on the 14th, ‘Popeye’ Lee Sang-yong appeared.

Lee Sang-yong, who turned 80 this year, has continued his good deeds by sponsoring surgery expenses for more than 500 heart disease children for 50 years since his debut. He said, “When I was hosting, a certain teacher and mother and father came. The child has blue lips and blue nails. He said that he couldn’t do it because the surgery cost was too much. At that time, when I was an MC, I received 14,000 won. But the surgery cost was 18 million won. I am responsible. He said he would lose. He said, ‘If I can’t fix it because I don’t have the skills, I can’t do it. But if I can’t fix it because of money, I’ll do it.’

He continued, “I saw three bars. I paid 6 months in advance. So I had surgery. That kid was number 1. After that, I talked to my mom and dad everywhere. They said Mr. Popeye did the surgery. People all over the country Cardiac patients came to my house, and my child also asked for surgery. ‘Let’s do it!’ That’s why I operated on 567 people.”

I even started volunteering because I liked the children, but because of that, the children had to take a back seat. Lee Sang-yong showed his son and daughter’s childhood photos and introduced them as “precious photos”. He said, “I was a child’s idol for 15 years. At that time, my son did not receive benefits. On May 5, Children’s Day, my son ate ramen. My father was not at home. I ran across the country for other children and rented a helicopter to ride. That’s how much children It was popular with people. Those kids are now in their 4s and 50s.”

In particular, Lee Sang-yong was also a well-known pathetic wife. He even gave the painting as a gift to his wife. He expressed his affection, saying, “I bought it because it was like my wife’s style when I was dating in the past. If the clothes are pretty in the shop window, I go in and ask for the size, and if it fits my wife, I buy it all.”

Later, Lee Sang-yong revealed his real-life version of ‘Olive’, his wife Yoon Hye-young. He introduced his beautiful wife in her 80s and said, “She’s a housewife. I’m sorry she’s bigger than me.”

The two visited the garden together. Lee Sang-yong said, “I come to the flower garden sometimes. I grow flowers on a veranda the size of my palm. So I want to buy a flower.” The production team asked, “Isn’t your wife prettier than flowers?” Lee Sang-yong joked, “If you get close to them, flowers die of shyness.”

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

The two have been in a relationship since college. Lee Sang-yong said, “It was when my wife graduated from my fourth year of college. An older sister I knew went home and stayed there together. It was so pretty that I stopped everything. I have no regrets so far.” When asked, “Is there a 1-year difference in age?” Yoon Hye-young explained, “They are the same age. Their birthdays are 4 months apart.”

The situation at the time of the proposal was also reported. Lee Sang-yong said, “Let’s meet me, let’s get married. I will treat you well. I will treat you better than anyone else, let’s get married. I will treat you better than anyone else, let’s get married.” , I twisted it for a few hours and it was okay.” In response, Yoon Hye-young said, “I saw that I was kind, and I thought that I would do well and adapt well next time I go out.”

Her wife, who was responsible for her livelihood for a long time in obscurity. Lee Sang-yong said, “I can’t even talk about my hardships. I’m so sorry when I think about it. I worked at a newspaper, but I quit because of a car accident. I had a cast on my whole body. It was such a big accident. A taxi hit my wife at the stop. I was floating in the air. I am alive. At the time, my daughter was 3 months pregnant. We flew and fell together, but I thought she would die, but she lived. I was worried a lot,” recalling the difficult times.

In particular, Yoon Hye-young said, “There are many things that don’t match. Almost everything doesn’t match. The personality doesn’t match and the food doesn’t match. But when I was young, I didn’t know anything and just did it, even getting married. I wouldn’t have done it now. I endured everything in the past. “

Lee Sang-yong also said, “If we didn’t put up with it, we would end.” “I confess now, but when we got married at that time, many people stopped us. Don’t marry me. My name is Park Myung, a beautiful woman. A pretty person has a short life span. He told me not to say that I will marry twice. Now I’m even worried about it. What if it turns out to be true? What if I die early?

Yoon Hye-young said, “Have you not lived too long?” Lee Sang-yong said, “Yes. I endured and lived for a long time.”

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