Pochettino clarified his controversial phrase about the future of Mbappé: “It was taken out of context and that makes me angry”


This week Mauricio Pochettino made headlines for a particular statement that caused a stir in France and Spain. It is that the coach of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) had consulted in a press conference about the future of him and Kylian Mbappé : “Today, I stay 100%, the same with Mbappé”. After the repercussion that his words had, this Friday he gave an explanation.

After his team tied 3-3 in his visit to Racing de Strasbourg , the Argentine coach assured that the media cut his sentence to put something in his mouth that he did not say: “ Things are discussed that are taken out of context and that The truth is that it annoys me a little . You have to listen to the question and the full answer , because if there are no headlines that disorient people and create situations and perceptions that are very wrong, as has happened almost all year here”.

“The question from a colleague of yours was that, ‘What percentage would you and Mbappé follow next year to today’. As of today, 100 percent, tomorrow we don’t know what percentage it will be. I did not say that we will be there, I said today it is 100 percent because no one has told us that they do not have us for next season , ”said Pochettino, visibly upset. “I have one more year of my contract and the contracts are there to fulfill them, unless the clubs decide otherwise,” he assured.

It is worth clarifying that his situation is different from that of Mbappé . The coach ends his relationship with PSG in June 2023, while the striker has a contract until the end of the current season and, as he has not yet renewed it despite having received offers, he will be a free agent. In this context , in Spain they assure that the Young Wonder has everything agreed to put on the Real Madrid shirt and this gained strength because Carlo Ancelotti himself , strategist for the white team, spoke about Pochettino ‘s statement : “Sometimes, the coaches at a press conference they can’t tell the whole truth,” he said with a smile on his face.

Mbappé once again demonstrated his effectiveness by scoring two of his team’s goals at a time when all eyes are on him to find out whether or not he will continue at PSG next season. At the moment, the French star is consolidated as the top scorer in Ligue 1 with 24 goals and as the leader in assists, with 15.

The new champion of France won 3-1 this Friday against Racing de Strasbourg but equalized 3-3 and once again had a disappointing game for their fans . Despite this, Pochettino was satisfied after the final whistle: “We couldn’t win, but we made a pretty good plan”, and added: “I’m happy because we played a very good game. We have played good football at various times. We were professionals and that’s important to us.”

Although Poch has a contract with the Parisian cast until 2023 , its continuity is not assured because, despite being champion of Ligue 1 , the team is likely to seek to give a new air to its sports project for the next season . The Brazilian Leonardo , sports director of the institution, did not confirm the continuity of Pochettino , and stated on Saturday that he wanted to “talk to everyone, not only with the coach but also with the players to clarify the situation and decide on the strategy” , without rule on the future of the coach or the rest of the players.