Pledis Ent Prepares Special Promotions For NU’EST Comeback Sweet Farewell Before Disbanding


Previously, As Is Known On February 28 Yesterday, Pledis Entertainment Announced The Disbandment Of The Group Sheltered By Hwang Minhyun Et Al After 10 Years Together.

Even though it has been officially announced that it will soon disband, Pledis Entertainment is still carrying out promotions for NU’EST ‘s 10th debut anniversary in earnest. Previously, on February 28, Pledis Entertainment announced the disbandment of the group that was sheltered by Hwang Minhyun and friends after 10 years together.

Following the announcement, Pledis Entertainment is currently running bus ads as well as google ads to bid farewell to their first boy group where the promo runs until April 3. Netizens shared their thoughts after seeing Pledis Entertainment’s commercial.

” Some times when I hate Pledis but sometimes they touch your heart with something like this,” commented netter. ” Thank you Pledis and the NU’EST team! I’ve seen many cases where the group disbanded out of nowhere. I’m grateful they finished the last one very well,” said another. ” Pledis, thank you for showing respect until the end. Everywhere with LOΛ.E makes me cry a little… Really a useful way to end a relationship,” concluded another.

Meanwhile, after almost a year of no new releases, it was announced on February 28, 2022 that the group’s exclusive contract with Pledis Entertainment will expire on March 14. It was also announced that members Aron , JR and Ren would be leaving the agency at the end of their contracts, while Baekho and Minhyun chose to renew their contracts.

With news of their contract ending, NU’EST confirmed their disbandment via a handwritten letter to their fans, announcing their decision to pursue individual projects. Pledis Entertainment also confirmed that the final compilation album, “Needle & Bubble” will be released on March 15 to mark the group’s 10th anniversary before officially disbanding.

NU’EST Reveals The Details Of The Farewell Album Before Disbanding, This Is A Big Question Mark

Pledis Entertainment Has Finally Released Details Of NU’EST’s Last Album Which Will Be Released Soon Before Officially Disbanding, Fans Immediately Questioned This.

Recently, fans were surprised by the announcement that the idol group NU’EST had decided to disband. Three members of NU’EST namely Ren , JR , and Aron were revealed to have decided not to renew their contracts with Pledis Entertainment.

NU’EST revealed that they will officially disband on March 14. Previously, it was announced that NU’EST would be releasing their last album before disbanding after 10 years of debut.

Today, Wednesday (2/3) Pledis Entertainment finally showed the details of the last album from NU’EST. The album is called NU’EST The Best Album “Needle & Bubble”. This album will be released on NU’EST’s 10th anniversary, which is March 15.

” Hello. This is Pledis Entertainment. NU’EST The Best Album ‘Needle & Bubble (limited first edition) will be released on Tuesday, March 15 ,” said Pledis Entertainment today, Wednesday (2/3).

NU’EST The Best Album ‘Needle & Bubble‘ contains NU’EST’s long 10-year journey and concerts with their wide musical range. It also contains messages from NU’EST for LO∆.E (NU’s fandom name’ EST), ” concluded Pledis Entertainment.

The announcement of the details of NU’EST’s last album raises question marks from fans. The reason is, fans are afraid that there will be no new songs released on the album considering it is called “NU’EST Best Album”.

” This better not a compilation album, I love you and I’m sad you’re disbanding soon, but I want new music, even though it’s the only thing I’ll be listening to forever, ” one fan wrote on Twitter. ” Are we going to get a new song? ” said another. ” Will there be a new song? Or just a compilation? ” asked another. ” I hope there will be new songs or solo songs included. This is very clear and looks like a compilation album, but we want at least 1 new song from them :,(, ” said another.