Phoebe Bridgers: Punisher Album Review.

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‘Punisher’ is Phoebe Bridgers’ second album in 2020. This American musician has three Grammy nominations in 2021; Best Alternative Music Album; It was nominated for Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song for the song ‘Kyoto’.

Still presenting musical material within the realm of indie rock with bleak themes, Bridgers isn’t just playing it safe. There’s still a new quality and substance to this second album.

In 2017, Phoebe Bridgers debuted with ‘Stranger in the Alps’, which raised the theme of trauma. ‘Punisher’ is a new talent for Bridgers to deal with the internal and external problems he is experiencing.

‘Punisher’ was co-produced by Tony Berg and Ethan, who helped Bridgers on their debut album three years ago. Julien Baker Lucy Dacus, Christian Lee Huston Jim Keltner He also collaborated with Blake Mills and Conor Oberst.

The Gist: Quote from The New Yorker Phoebe Bridgers thought of California author Joan Didion while writing ‘Punisher’. Like Didion, Bridgers speaks of life with a wry smile and melancholy on this album.

darkness Sad and dark musical material remains a comfort zone that Bridgers explores. However, When a person feels “comfortable” in that situation, there are always different attitudes in facing life with negativity. ‘The Punisher’ becomes a place to express feelings of despair about life that cannot be expressed in ordinary language and ordinary tears.

Phoebe Bridgers

As Phoebe Bridgers said in a press release, the ‘Punisher’ is characterized by “crying” and numbness. In the big picture, In this album, separation, It features songs with lyrics about internal and external conflicts and sees life as a journey towards the end of everything. Today’s musician Phoebe Bridgers makes bold use of such materials. How to deal with cynicism and resignation on the topic of stupid life.

In the single ‘Kyoto’, Bridgers recounts his experience of dissonance during a visit to Japan. Visiting Japan was one of Bridgers’ biggest dreams, but she found it difficult to enjoy her time there. ‘Moon Song’; ‘Savior Complex’ and ‘Gracetoo Land’ are the same three episodes. I mean, when you love someone who hates you, it’s a hard struggle.

In ‘Chinese Satelite’, he talks about trust in ‘I See You’, which becomes a heartbreak poem about the past. Bridgers also wrote a song in tribute to his idol Elliott Smith, and ‘I Know the End’ became the closing track of The End of the World.


Sound Vibes: Talking about the music production and sound quality, Phoebe Bridgers definitely has a commendable pace in ‘Punisher’. This album is indie rock, It can be categorized into emo country and indie country genres. Songs like ‘Garden Song’ and ‘Halloween’ are songs with simple folk arrangements with soft acoustic guitars. Three related songs, ‘Moon Song’; Also includes ‘Savior Complex’ and ‘Gracetoo Land’.

Initially, he wanted to produce ‘Kyoto’ as a ballad, but at the time, Bridgers admitted he was sick of writing soft songs. ‘Chinese Satellite’ and ‘I See You’ are the tracks that provide the alternative flare, along with the cool electric guitar on ‘Punisher’.

‘I Know the End’ is the closing album ‘Punisher’ that listeners will never forget. Phoebe Bridgers admits she was inspired by My Chemical Romance’s ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ when deciding on the musical arrangement for this song. He likes to present genres and compositions that experience sudden transitions in his music. ‘I Know the End’ is a full band; It begins with a melodious ballad that ends with brass and frantic screams.

‘Punisher’ also features a four-song version of ‘Copycat Killer’, arranged by Rob Moose and an orchestral track. The four tracks are ‘Kyoto’; ‘China Satellite’; The ‘punisher’ and ‘savior complex’.

The best songs
‘Kyoto’ became a hit single by Phoebe Bridgers. It’s because the lyrics have a boring theme, but I’m trying to make the music a little more fun. It’s more controversial with its brutal stance on sleazy themes, which fits the concept of this album.

‘Savior Complex’ is also the best ballad from the song trilogy on this album. It has a ‘savior complex’ problemIt has expressive lyrics and combines folk music genres with soft string instruments.

‘Punisher’ is also the best tribute song with its dreamy music and personal lyrics. Then ‘I Know the End’ deserves recognition as the best song on the ‘Punisher’ album. The breakthrough album closes with a memorable climax. If Phoebe Bridgers is finally counted as one of the best musicians of this era. This is because she created it on the ‘Punisher’ album.