Pentagon’s Hongseok Performs The Song ‘So Long’ Gives A Special Appearance Ahead Of Enlistment

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Ahead Of His Mandatory Military Departure, Pentagon’s Hongseok Has Given His Best Performance On The Mnet Music Program ‘M Countdown’ On Thursday (28/4). He Brought One Of The Songs From Paul Kim.

Before undergoing his military service, it was known that Pentagon ‘s Hongseok would give his best performance. According to reports circulating, Hongseok will be performing for fans for the last time before officially carrying out his country duties.

On Thursday (28/4), Hongseok confirmed to fans that there was one last special stage before he left for his military service. Hongseok will appear on Mnet ” M Countdown ” which airs today (28/4).

At the performance, Hongseok performed Paul Kim ‘s song “So Long”. During his solo performance, Hongseok gave his best performance to fans with his golden voice.

Then, at the end of Hongseok’s performance, he prepared a paper with the words, “Let’s meet again in spring.” For this, fans give their support to the idol.

“Hongseok sings my favorite song,” commented the fan. “See you next spring Hongseok, stay healthy there!” fan comments. “Hongseok is very sweet. This is the best performance, I’m crying now,” wrote another.

Earlier this month, Pentagon’s agency Cube Entertainment announced that Hongseok would be enlisting in the military in early April. The news of Hongseok’s military enlistment was initially judged to be an April fool’s or not.

Through his statement, Cube Entertainment also hopes that fans will continue to support Hongseok. “We sincerely apologize to fans who must have been surprised by the news of his enlistment. Please send warm support to Hongseok to return to health after fulfilling his mandatory military service,” the agency said at the time.

Meanwhile, Hongseok’s military enlistment will take place on May 3 as an active duty soldier. Due to being in a COVID-19 position, the location and time of registration will be kept confidential. Therefore, Hongseok gave his latest performance to become fans’ memories.