Paulo Sousa thanks fans at christening at Maracanã: “I really feel like coach of Flamengo”


For the first time, Paulo Sousa led Flamengo in a match at the Maracanã. The Portuguese coach thanked the crowd, which practically filled the stadium, in Saturday night’s 6-0 win over Bangu by Carioca.

– I feel completely baptized and, therefore, today I really feel like a Flamengo coach. I want to congratulate our president, who is involved in having the yard in the best possible condition. The evaluation is positive. This is how we will offer the best football for the whole nation – said the coach.

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On the way back to the stadium, after a period of renovation of the lawn, the public came in droves. There were more than 63,000 red-and-blacks present in the last round of the Guanabara Cup.

This Saturday’s result doesn’t change Flamengo’s situation on the leaderboard. It awaits the definition of its opponent in the state semifinals between Vasco and Botafogo.

More answers from Paulo Sousa

– Important, only Flamengo shirts. The team has to be ahead of everyone, just like the club above all of us. Of course, Gabi has marked Flamengo history for everything he has done. But very important, only the Flamengo shirt.

How much does Arrascaeta facilitate and contribute to your work?

– All good players who have quality in technical ability to control, their vision of the game, decision making … whenever he is in a high rhythm, he is a player who feeds our attack a lot in what we think about the game is, our line, depth and width. In the way he moves on the pitch, his understanding and timing of occupying space makes him an influential player and feeds the attack. I’m happy for him and especially for the team. A player from this dimension has provided an example. Not only him, but most importantly without the ball, is a player who sacrifices himself without the ball, because everyone has to be able to make a difference when the team has the ball.

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– Isla talked to our leaders, decided what to do and was fined for it. On a day-to-day basis, he is a player who usually arrives on time in training and on the pitch, in addition to training with maximum professionalism. Today he started well, providing assists, he is an important player, like everyone else, where he has to be ready to help Flamengo win every game at any time.

Does that increase come from Everton’s Ribeiro position change?

– I have said from the start that we have two positions with him. We want to have players with a lot of technical quality in the game. We start with him in the left aisle. Of course, the depth and speed that other players present in this corridor is not the same as that offered by Everton. Inside, he has a more associative play and does well defensively. Today, he also maintains a lot of intensity in defensive transitions, which is very important for a player in this position. It’s another player and another opportunity we have to decide during or before the game whether we can use this position today.

The offensive volume with the Everton trio of Ribeiro, Arrascaeta and Gabigol came close and close. Is keeping this tidy and putting Bruno Henrique on the left worth it?

– It’s worth it, and something we’re also thinking about. Bruno Henrique is an area player and we need an area player. The idea of ​​playing as a winger or more an external winger is on the horizon and our thinking, it’s something we’re working on and it’s something the players know. But I repeat, our idea is that all players understand well the positions they have to occupy to maximize our team and the volume of play by creating chances and being more and more effective in those opportunities.

First match at Maracana

– Amazing, as I said at first, I feel baptized. It was an amazing audience. This synergy is what we want to have and we have this need, especially in times when we are experiencing more difficulties throughout the game, we need that same energy, which can push us so that we continue with quality and energy for our game and so that we can come out victorious. I feel special.

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– Today we started with four players who had several years of grassroots football at Flamengo, players we trusted. It’s not by chance that they have space, not just because they’re young players. They all have to deserve to be on the pitch, so they have to train well and we also associate (Matheus) França, who was a player who wasn’t on holiday when I arrived. is a player who

We firmly believe in the strengths, in the future, that can improve the quality of our game and become decisive players.