Partner of Jake Daniels: The Most Talked Football Player


Partner of Jake Daniels: The Most Talked Football Player Absoluciojona


Who is Jake Daniels Partner? English professional footballer Jake Daniels has played as a forward for EFL Championship club Blackpool. The young athlete then signed his first professional contract with the club last year in February. Last year, Jake Daniels made headlines after he came out as gay. The young athlete was applauded as he became the first male professional footballer in England to appear in public during that time.

Prior to that, Justin Fashanu left in 1990. Jack Daniels was then voted Celebrity of the Year for the National Diversity Awards in 2022. In an early documentary, Jake Daniels explains how in football, being gay is still considered taboo. Daniels further added that if he had the choice to live his life as a lie and continue playing football or quit and he should probably quit.

Jake Daniels explains how for years, he tried to hide it from his friends and family and even hid it from his coaches and teammates. The athlete revealed how he lowered his head when he heard homophobic slurs in the locker room, and admitted it. Let’s find out who it is Partner of Jake Daniels.

Who is Jake Daniels Partner?

Jake Daniels’ partner is Mark. The footballer has confirmed that he is dating someone and is officially off the market! In a recent interview on Rylan Clarke’s podcast How to Be a Man, Jake Daniels revealed how he met Mark just days after coming out. The two have an age gap of 28 years and have been dating for a while now.

Partner of Jake Daniels
Who is Jake Daniels Partner? (Credit: Pink News)

While talking about his partner, Jake admits that Mark is definitely his soulmate while telling the podcast host that he couldn’t be happier. However, the wide age gap in their relationship continues to come under fire, as many point to how the two started talking when Daniels was just 17 years old! It seems like the footballer doesn’t really care about the age gap as he explains how 30 years is too young and someone over 40 is actually better for him!

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How did Jake Daniels meet his match?

Jake Daniels went on to reveal how after he came out as a gay man, he took a break from social media and tried to escape by going on vacations. However, the athlete revealed how when he returned to a series of messages from his fans congratulating him on his exit.

Jake Daniels remembers how he went out and deleted his Instagram, and Twitter from her so he didn’t see any congratulatory messages. Daniels further recalled how when he got back on his Instagram he had as many as 20,000 message requests, and he admitted he had never seen that in his life.

Jake reveals that his current boyfriend Mark was one of the people who also sent the footballer DMs which led Daniels to snoop on his Instagram. This is how the two ended up chatting from there, and then they FaceTimed that night and met up a few days later in Blackpool and have been together ever since.

Partner of Jake Daniels
Jake Daniels (Source: Independent)

Jake Daniels Opens Up About His Sexuality!

In one of his early candid interviews, Jake Daniels revealed that he knew he was gay when he was maybe five or six years old and that he had been living the lie for a long time. As the footballer said how he knew he was gay from a young age but chose not to reveal it to anyone because he confessed he was afraid his friends would treat him differently.

The footballer praised his team Blackpool saying how his team-mates are also absolutely amazing, because he is with them every day, and he feels safe because all his team-mates support him so much, and everyone supports him. Daniels acknowledged that his teammates had asked a lot of questions because they were all interested while describing their reactions as brilliant.