Park Jaechan DONGKIZ Insists On Starring In BL Drama ‘Semantic Error’ Despite Being Opposed By The Agency


It Seemed Like Most People Around Him Were Against The Idea, Including His Agency, Dongyo Entertainment.

It seems that K-Drama has recently started to expand a lot into the BL (Boy Love) genre. One of the latest series that has caught the attention of many people is ” Semantic Error ” starring Jaechan DONGKIZ and former KNK member Park Seoham . Who would have thought, Jaechan apparently had been “blocked” by the agency from starring in this series.

Based on the webtoon, “Semantic Error” is about Chu Sang Woo (Jaechan), a computer science student who is strict and obedient to the rules. After having to finish the group project alone, he also removed their names from the presentation, and that resulted in his group mate, Jang Jae Young (Park Seoham), taking a huge hit for his grades. She looks for Sangwoo and vows to harass him, but their relationship progresses towards romance.

South Korea is still very traditional in its views on sexuality, and it is a big risk for a group that just debuted in 2019 to take on roles in BL dramas. However, it seems that Jaechan didn’t care about the possible negative reaction when deciding on the role.

Jaechan and Park Seoham recently appeared in an interview, talking about the drama and what to expect. It seemed like most people around him were against the idea, including his agency, Dongyo Entertainment.

“At my agency, they tried a lot to stop me. They asked me, ‘Are you really going to be okay?’, ‘Are you sure you can do this?’ Even so, I told them that I wanted to do it,” said Jaechan.

He also added that the more the agency tried to prevent him from playing the role of Chu Sangwoo, the more he wanted to do it. That’s how I starred in this series,” he continued.

Despite the risk, the effort paid off as netizens became obsessed with the series. They also shared praise on social media for the two actors who took part in the series, despite the possible backlash from the very conservative society in Korea.

Although still very young, Jaechan has maturity when holding on to his belief to play this role. Along with others, including VIXX ‘s Hyuk in Color Rush 2 “, the idols started to make the topic of sexuality more open in Korean society.