Paranoia Film Review, Make Speechless except for the Ending


Paranoia is a thriller film produced by Miles Films and directed by Riri Reza and produced by Mira Lesmana. The film, starring Nirina Zubir, Nicholas Saputra, Caitlin North Lewis, and Lukman Sardi, will premiere on November 11, 2021 in theaters.

Paranoia is the first thriller film from Miles Films, which usually enjoys producing drama films. You must be curious, right, what is Paranoia like? Does it make the audience speechless ?


1. Synopsis film Paranoia
The film Paranoia tells the story of Dina (Nirina Zubir) who runs away from her husband, Gion (Lukman Sardi). He also brings his only child, Laura (Caitlin North Lewis). On the run, Dina and Laura meet a mysterious man, he is Raka (Nicholas Saputra).

In this film, Gion is portrayed as a husband who likes to play hands and is rude to his wife. He is also an ex-convict who just got out of prison and is ready to find Dina and Laura.


2. All players go out of their comfort zone
Paranoia takes Miles Films out of his comfort zone. Yes, previously Miles Films often produced romance drama films, the most famous of which was What’s Up with Love?.

It’s not just the production house that is out of its comfort zone, the players, Nirina Zubir, Lukman Sardi, and Nicholas Saputra, too. Yups , in Paranoia, you will see very different acting from their previous works.

Lukman acts sadistic which he visualizes through his body language as well as his speaking style. He managed to scare the audience. It’s really fierce!

While Nirina, present as a dark figure who has a heavy trauma, is afraid of Gion. His acting can really make the audience feel the same way. It’s no wonder that throughout the Paranoia story , the audience was only given a little breath by Miles Films. The rest, so tense!

Nicholas is actually not much different from the character he has played before, as a mysterious man. However, you will see Nicholas perform some pretty horrific action scenes .


3. Have a simple story, but effective enough
Paranoia actually has a simple story, but with the skills of Riri Reza and Mira Lesmana to execute it, this film is a memorable spectacle. Problems that occur in Gion and Dina’s household often occur in cities in Indonesia.

But the core problem that makes Gion even hotter and Dina who is scared is made very interesting. Come on, about what problem, anyway, are Gion and Dina facing?


4. There are some details that are lacking, a little disturbing in the eyes of the audience
There is a bit of a wedge from some of the scenes of this film. One of them is the scene when Dina bumps into a cat. After the cat’s corpse was removed, not a drop of blood was visible. Maybe it was deliberately made, because Riri said that there were no dead animals in this film, but it seemed odd.

In addition, there is a scene where Laura hears music so loud that when Dina calls her repeatedly, she doesn’t hear it. However, when Dina once gave a text message, suddenly a notification sounded.


5. The whole film is made tense all the time
Throughout the film, the audience is kept tense. Not only that, you will also feel fear and paranoia when the scene shows Gion’s fierce side.

Even though it’s not as exciting as other thriller films , Paranoia is enough to make the heart beat faster. The tension is still standard, suitable for thriller lovers or those who are watching this genre for the first time.

6. The whole film is speechless, except for the ending
When watching Paranoia, you will be speechless with the actors acting, dialogue, and the properties used. Enough to make you want to applaud at the end of the film, except when you see the ending .

Actually, there’s nothing wrong with the ending , it’s just that the way to end Gion’s character is quite simple and beyond reason. When the writer watched it, it automatically made me think, ‘ Well, is it just like that?’

But this Paranoia is really good and makes me speechless . Because this is also Miles Films’ first thriller , so you should watch Paranoia in theaters starting November 11, 2021.