Overlord IV Review Episode 11 – The end, King Ainz’ fierce fight against the Kingdom of Re-Estize continues

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The fight against the Kingdom of Re-Estize is still continuing. This time, Zanuth suddenly appeared to meet Ainz, who was then confronted by Albedo.

Meanwhile, Ainz was suddenly attacked by another warrior clad in the white armor of YGGDRASIL, Aganeia Riku. At that time, Aganeia created a barrier that prevented Ainz from going beyond it.

During the fight, Ainz realized that Aganeia was a remote controlled armor. Ainz decided to kneel down while begging for mercy and explained why he had attacked Re-Estize.

However, Aganeia said that Ainz’s actions had gone too far as to cause innocent victims to die. Ainz again offered Aganeia to become his subordinate, but the offer was rejected. Then Aganeia rejoined Zanuth after Albedo’s appearance.

Aganeia questioned why Ainz could not destroy the barrier, while Albedo could. So Aganeia concluded that Albedo was likely stronger than Ainz.

And he theorized that it was possible that Albedo was actually a player, while Ainz was an NPC. Now Aganeia knew that her final enemy would be the war against ‘players’.

Ainz was curious about Aganeia’s abilities. Because, her ability was only broken when Albedo brought one of the items given by Ainz. Ainz then concluded that they needed to face Aganeia again in order to learn more.

Elsewhere, Renner visits Brain, Lakyus da Blue Roses in Re-Estize. However, Blue Roses betrayed Lakyus, to the point where she finally couldn’t resist Evileye’s hypnosis.

Then they revealed that Lakyus planned to stay in Re-Estize to fight, so they kept her alive and kidnapped her.

As they were preparing to teleport from Re-Estize, they volunteered to take Brain to a safe place. Unfortunately, Brain refused because he hoped to duel Ainz. Brain also gave Gazef’s sword to Renner and Climb to return to Ramposa.

Meanwhile, Cocytus and Aura arrived and started destroying the city. While Brain was looking for Ainz, he met Cocytus who agreed to duel him. Even though Cocytus was impressed by Brain’s skill, but Brain was instantly swayed by Cocytus.

Cocytus froze Brain’s body and brought his sword. Cocytus planned to hand over Brain’s body to Ainz if he was interested in reviving it. Meanwhile, Mare was worried that his ability might not be able to destroy the entire capital.

Inside the kingdom, Renner convinced Ramposa to send Climb to hide Re-Estize’s royal treasure. Hoping that Ainz could obtain it and possibly save many people.

When Aura mastered the sword, she took a demonic magic item to give to Demiurage. However, when Climb returned to the palace, he found Ramposa had been killed by Ainz. Filled with anger, Climb asked for a duel against Ainz. This he granted, on the condition that Gazef’s sword would be the prize.

Even though the match was so predictable in the end, Ainz resurrected Climb again. Climb also saw that Renner had been turned by Ainz into an immortal demon at his own request

As a result, Climb agreed to swear allegiance to Ainz. Then, had the fallen kingdom of Re-Estize achieved what Ainz had now?

The first episode of the fourth season shows that Ainz has concerns about his leadership. He never imagined he could become a king, even though in the real world he was just an ordinary employee.

This time, Ainz was trying to create his dream country. He began to want to realize his dream by inviting true adventurers to become his allies.

So far, the story has been quite entertaining, especially with Ainz’s sometimes ridiculous behavior. From a visual standpoint, so far it looks smooth and pretty good.

In order not to get confused, I highly recommend that you watch this anime from the first season, so you understand the storyline from the start.

In episode two there are several scenes that use CGI and look very smooth. There’s no need to doubt this visual animation from studio Madhouse.

This episode tells more about the politics between countries that are happening. Each kingdom is devising its own strategy, including the Kingdom of Darkness which is now led by Ainz. Albedo was also sent to carry out strategies and make important decisions for the Kingdom of Darkness.

Many new characters appear in this episode, some of which turn out to be people who work with Albedo and submit to her plans. Albedo’s role in the political affairs this time was enormous.

In episode three, the discussion returned to political issues between countries, especially issues related to the figure of Ainz, who was feared by many neighboring countries. Even though Ainz was acknowledged to have helped several countries, his figure was considered to be a major threat.

Well, this episode shows several high-ranking officials who secretly form an alliance to destroy Ainz. On the other hand, Ainz was actually making a strategy to be able to create a peaceful country.

In episode four Ainz tries to carry out his plan. There were quite a number of political tactics employed by both Ainz and the empire.

This episode also features an exciting action scene, namely the battle between Ainz and the Martial King. Of course the results are pretty easy to guess who will be the winner. Even so, the action scenes are still quite fun to watch.

Character development also began to be seen. The part that is quite striking is the number of monologues that form the storyline of this episode. So, you have to really pay attention to every monologue conversation or conversation with other characters.

On the one hand, Ainz wanted to create a peaceful nation. But, the campaign he had carried out after fighting the Martial King gave his opponent another impression.

This good intention from Ainz could be interpreted in a negative light. This also made Ainz’s name even more feared by others as well as the Empire.

In this episode, Demiurage finally appears. Just like Albedo, Demiurage was also a loyal servant of Ainz. Although a boy, he was almost like Albedo who always wanted Ainz’s praise.

Meanwhile in episodes five and six, Ainz is still continuing his plan to create a peaceful country. Well, this time he went on a mission to make an alliance with the Dwarven Kingdom. Ainz left for the Dwarven kingdom without telling Albedo and Demiurage his intentions.

Then, it was only natural that the Dwarves would be afraid of meeting Ainz. Apart from being bigger than the dwarves, Ainz was also an undead person whose appearance was indeed quite frightening.

Amazingly, the dwarven citizens looked normal when they met Ainz. But only when Ainz left did they say they were afraid of Ainz’ figure.

Despite Ainz’ frightening appearance, Ainz could easily persuade the Dwarven Kingdom to form an alliance with his kingdom. In fact, Ainz’s words moved the dwarven citizens to believe in Ainz.

Episodes seven to ten can actually be said to be episodes that are increasingly complex as well as entertaining. Since it has started to enter into a war strategy that is quite difficult to predict. Moreover, the names of the kingdoms and people are getting more and more.

The conflict is even more complex, considering that this anime has entered the last few episodes. So it’s only natural that the story is getting more complex.

On the other hand, these four episodes are still quite entertaining. Especially when there were misunderstandings among Ainz’ loyal followers. Often whenever there was a misunderstanding, they were seen as innocent characters and simply believed Ainz’s words.

Ainz’s followers, Demiurage, Albedo, Aura and so on, had always thought of Ainz as perfect and always had the best plans. Even though behind his plans, Ainz was often worried about the outcome.

Towards the last two episodes, the story is getting more interesting and curious. The cinematography during the fight scenes also looks better and smoother. So it doesn’t make your eyes dizzy when watching it.

Ainz’ silliness when fighting Aganeia was also quite amusing. To think he would kneel in front of a new person he saw for the first time.

However, what is even more surprising is the last scene in this episode’s story. So make sure to watch until the end, because the final scene explains all the traps Ainz has set up.

While Aganeia had drawn conclusions about his final foe, Ainz seemed to have a plan that was quite unexpected and quite difficult to predict.

Not only that, actually I was quite curious about Aganeia’s character. Will he be an enemy or a friend. What’s more, it turns out that Aganeia is a dragon figure who is claimed to be the strongest dragon.

Surprisingly, in the last episode, it was revealed that Renner was a traitor. He turns out to wish for immortality, thus becoming a spy for Ainz.

A tragic love drama between Renner and Climb who was finally ‘forced’ to be loyal to Ainz because he saw the person he loved had become an immortal being.

And in this episode, Albedo finally finishes her revenge on Philip. Because Philip has made the whole kingdom destroyed. Then Marquis Raeven and the nobles of his faction were finally able to reward loyalty and become loyal followers of the Sorcerous Kingdom.

Finally with these two episodes, Overlord IV is over. In conclusion, almost all the ‘good guys’ in this season died. And Ainz showed the world not to mess with him.