Outspoken at Seoul Check-In, Lee Hyori CS Reveals Sad Story During Debut


Earlier this month, Lee Hyori returned to the hustle and bustle of Seoul life on reality TV Seoul Check-In . Unlike the concept of Hyori’s Homestay , which tells the story of her peaceful life on Jeju Island, through Seoul Check-In Lee Hyori invites the audience to follow her busy life in Seoul for 3 days 2 nights.

Allkpop media launched, on the fourth episode of Seoul Check-In broadcast, Friday (29/4/022), Lee Hyori visited the residence of the first generation singer, Kim Wan Sun , along with her friends, Uhm Jung Hwa , BoA , and Hwasa .

At Kim Wan Sun’s house, they all chatted while reminiscing about their career journey. Uhm Jung Hwa recalled meeting Kim Wan Sun at the MBC building when she was still a backing singer, “I went to the cafeteria at 6 pm and had dinner before 7. I saw Kim Wan Sun there, but I never saw him eating. I always thought, “Why isn’t he eating?”

Kim Wan Sun also revealed that at that time his agency did not allow him to eat before the performance, “I only went to the cafeteria because the staff was there, but I only saw people eating. I didn’t have the energy to do anything at the time, so I just sat there in silence. Then before going on stage they gave me ice cream, after that I was immediately excited.”

Then Lee Hyori asked if BoA was also being watched closely because she debuted at a very young age. BoA confessed that she always practiced at the beginning of her debut, “I don’t have the energy to go out and have fun after practicing all day. But in my 20s, everything I held down seemed to explode. So Hyori unnie and I go to karaoke every night.”

While Hwasa shared that she once ran away from the dorm with the MAMAMOO members, “Me and the members packed our bags and ran from the dorm at dawn. (But) we only went to bars because we were too scared to go to nightclubs. (To communicate with each other) we send emails. I feel like I’m living in the 90s,” he said, inviting laughter from the others.