Outside The Wire Film Review: Complete But Less Biting


Back to Popculture.id review content. Now we will review the latest film from Netflix entitled Outside the Wire which was released on January 15, 2021 yesterday. Outside the Wire stars several well-known actors such as Anthony Mackie, Damson Idris and Emily Beecham.

Outside the Wire is directed by Mikael Håfström, a director known for working on horror films. In addition to being a player, Anthony Mackie who plays Sam Wilson aka Falcon in the MCU is the producer of this film. Carrying the action genre, Outside the Wire tries to provide entertainment to the audience during the pandemic. The question is, is this film worth watching? So, here is a full review of the Outside the Wire film . Let’s see!


Outside the Wire tells the story of the war that took place between Ukraine and Russia. Because these countries have the potential to destroy the world using nuclear weapons, the United States as a superpower descends to the plains of Russia to mediate conflicts. Unexpectedly America had difficulty controlling the situation and finally made a new weapon in the form of robot soldiers to replace human soldiers (although human soldiers were still used).

This film focuses on a drone pilot named Thomas Harp who is punished for disobeying orders and killing his own comrade using a rocket. Thomas, who always saw the war from his plane, had never felt the real conditions of a conflict zone. As punishment, Thomas is sent to meet Captain Leo, a soldier who turns out to be America’s ultimate weapon, a cyborg in the form of a human who has emotions, intelligence and fighting abilities above average. The two then plunged outside the headquarters to save the world from the threat of a nuclear apocalypse.

Complete Action Movie

There are tons of action movies released every year. Therefore, the theme of action films is considered obsolete. Whether it’s carving, soldiers, spies and many others. Because of the saturation of the theme, action films are called a genre that is lazy to write stories. But there are several elements that make an action film feel cool, namely the battle scenes, whether using firearms or empty weapons.

As an action film, Outside the Wire can be said to be complete. There are battle scenes using firearms that are fun to watch, especially with the addition of robots that threaten and make the atmosphere even more tense.

Although there are robots, this film also shows hand-to-hand combat scenes with quite varied choreography and shooting angles that make it feel very real and interesting. The acting of each actor is also quite good although there are some parts that could be more perfect. In short, Outside the Wire as an action film is quite complete and interesting to watch for weekend entertainment.

Wrong Point of View

Even though Outside the Wire is full of action, it still has flaws. Like most action films, Outside the Wire lacks bite and seems to be responsible. The story is so weak that we feel bored because we are constantly treated to various war scenes that are full of effects. The nuclear theme mixed with robots was not strong enough to push this film up.

This is felt when the film enters the final part. This film wants to present a plot twist through betrayal, but unfortunately it misses and actually creates a big hole that confuses the audience. The discussion about racism that was alluded to also seemed very hesitant to come out, let alone the discussion of politics and humanism.

War movie-style patriotic dialogue quotes make Outside the Wire a bad ending. The Harp character ends up being stuck as a general army character; fascist and naivety in one package. Is this important? Of course, because Outside the Wire has the potential to say more from another point of view about America always meddling in the affairs of other countries, the lives of civilians in conflict zones and the futile deaths of young soldiers because of the politics of the rich. Even though from the title alone, ” Outside the Wire” which means “Outside Headquarters” can tell the war from the perspective of those who are not inside the headquarters. Unfortunately a thousand dear, Outside the Wire instead chose an outdated and no longer relevant patriotic path.

So what do you think Popins? Have you watched this movie? If so, what do you think? For those of you who haven’t, according to Popculture.id, this film is worth watching for entertainment. As mentioned earlier, the various action scenes are very tense and cool.