Ousmane Dembele flies to England on Deadline Day, between Manchester United or Chelsea?


A new rumor has circulated regarding the future of Ousmane Dembele . The Barcelona winger is believed to be moving to England if he is sold by El Blaugrana ‘s management .

Since last week, many rumors have circulated about Dembele’s future. This was triggered by a statement by Barcelona director Matheu Alemany who said the winger would be sold before January 31, 2022.

So far, many of Europe’s top clubs have been linked with Dembele. This is because the winger has enormous talent.

Reported by Sport , Dembele is likely to move to England. There are two clubs who have reportedly agreed to redeem the winger from Barcelona.

Check out Dembele’s transfer situation below.

Two Clubs
According to the report, out of a number of Dembele fans, only two clubs made bids for Dembele. The two clubs are reportedly from England.

The report does not mention clearly who these two clubs are. However, it is believed that the two clubs are Manchester United and Chelsea.

The two teams have reportedly agreed to pay for Dembele’s transfer fee of 20 million euros. Now just waiting for confirmation from the player.

Can Still Survive
According to reports circulating, Dembele is not necessarily going to England. Because there is still a chance for the winger to stay at Barcelona.

The winger reportedly really wants to stay at Barcelona. Likewise with Xavi who wants the winger to remain part of his team.

But now the problem is in the value of the winger’s contract, which has not yet come to an agreement. If this situation doesn’t change, the agent will take him to England.

Minimum Contribution
This season Dembele can be said to have minimal contribution to Barcelona. Because he recently made a comeback after suffering a long injury.

The winger this season has played in 11 games for Barcelona. He made one goal and two assists for Los Cules.

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Ahead of the closing of the transfer market, is Manchester United trying to land Ousmane Dembele?

Speculation has emerged regarding Manchester United ‘s transfer activity this winter. The Red Devils will try to bring Ousmane Dembele from Barcelona .

Some time ago, Barcelona made an important announcement. Through the director, Mateu Alemany, they confirmed they would sell Dembele this winter.

Barcelona’s decision made Manchester United moved. Because the Red Devils have long been eyeing the services of the French national team player.

Marca reported that Manchester United decided to move to recruit Dembele. They will try to get him in the next few days.

Strengthen the Attack Line
According to the report, Manchester United are very serious about recruiting their attacking line. Because MU needs an additional winger in his team.

This is because they have just loaned out Anthony Martial and Amad Diallo to other clubs. Jesse Lingard also has the potential to follow away in the near future.

That’s why Rangnick needs a new winger in his attack. Dembele is reported to be a good option for their team.

Discount Price
United are increasingly interested in signing Dembele. Because Barcelona are planning to discount the price of the winger.

This is because Dembele’s contract will expire in the summer. So Barcelona can’t sell him at a high price.

Barcelona is said to be releasing the winger at 20 million euros. But the MU will try to bid the dowry.

Manchester United are not the only team interested in Dembele. There are several other top European clubs who are trying to sign the winger.

There are Chelsea and Newcastle who are in communication with Barcelona for the transfer of the winger.