Our Beloved Summer is streaming on Netflix this week’s edition


Our Beloved Summer is streaming on Netflix. These two episodes of Korean dramas are reviewed in the Drama Podcast! this week’s edition.
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If there’s one person that Choi Ung ( Choi Woo Shik ) doesn’t want to meet in this world, it’s Kook Yeon Su (Kim Da Mi) . They had been dating for a long time in high school, but then broke up because of something that is still a secret. What is clear according to Ung, Yeon Su is quite annoying to remember let alone meet. Since breaking up to this day, he’s been on guard and practiced spraying water and throwing salt as a repellent, just in case the universe brings him together again with Yeon Su. Next is predictable.

Yes, Ung meets Yeon Su again in an incident (which Yeon Su plans for her job, even though she doesn’t know at all or isn’t really sure that that person is Ung’s ex-boyfriend). And yes, Ung sprays Yeon Su with water from a spray bottle from one of her cupboards, ending by throwing a pinch of salt in style as a deterrent.

The meeting leaves confusion, both for Ung, Yeon Su, and another person in their circle, Ji-ung (Kim Sung Cheol).

When he was in high school, Ung was the most ‘stupid’ boy with the last rank in school. Yeon Su is the complete opposite, she is always number one. A documentary project unites the two which ends in endless arguments. Who would have thought that Yeon Su and Ung ended up falling in love and had a long relationship.

Years passed, Yeon Su is now working at an agency and is working on an important project. He suddenly had the idea of collaborating with an up-and-coming artist who turned out to be Ung. Yeon Su doesn’t know the identity of the artist, as she uses a pseudonym, but she recognizes the objects in Ung’s drawings as important places in their past.

The first two episodes of Our Beloved Summer were an introduction for Ung and Yeon Soo. This is the first time that Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi have been brought together in a television drama and the results did not disappoint. Woo Shik with his innocent charm can play the character of Ung who is full of mystery and secrets well. Da Mi manages to excite the audience through flashback scenes from her high school days, then gets annoyed when she confronts her boss at the office, and bursts into laughter when she meets the boss by accident (wearing the same outfit!) after a tumultuous blind date.

On the other hand, there is Ji-ung. A boy the same age as Ung who was his childhood friend. He has the same name as Ung and is considered the second child by Ung’s parents. Ji-ung works as a PD at a television station and his boss suddenly asks him to do a documentary that follows the story of two schoolgirls, one with the lowest rank, the other with the highest rank. Ji-ung is confused, because he has to work on a project that more or less involves him. Although he finally accepted the project and this story will continue to the dynamics of a relationship that is quite promising.

Our Beloved Summer offers the possibility of a love triangle between Ung, Yeon Soo, and Ji-ung. The appearance of a K-Pop idol named NJ (Roh Jeong Eui) who has a crush on Ung also seems to make this relationship circle even more exciting. The tempo in the two episodes of this drama is quite slow and can really make you bored and sleepy. But this is not a drama with suspense or complicated conflicts that make your head spin. The colors, shades and worlds offered here are very close to everyday life. This drama is light and casual like Yumi’s Cells but without the point of view of the cells.