Oscar – 4 Moments more immortal than Will Smith’s slap Movie news

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Will Smith’s cheek scratching is shocking, but not as shocking as the Oscar-shaking moments below!

Oscar 2022 should have been the event of miracles. For the first time in history, a streaming film has won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Not only that, that movie – CODA – is literally a representative film of a minority community with few voices: the core cast of CODA are all deaf. This is also the event that marks Netflix’s next series of failures on the Oscar race. Although initially entering with the most nominations, Netflix did not receive the expected results. But all of those joys and sorrows were obscured with a slap Will Smith “gifted” to co-worker Chris Rock for making fun of his wife.

It was the most shocking moment of that awards night, but if you have the opportunity to look at the long history of Oscars, Will Smith’s actions are still quite “gentle” compared to the following seniors and seniors of the actor.

1. Wrongly announced the winner of Best Picture at the 2017 Oscars (89th Oscar)

One of the most shocking Oscar moments that everyone probably remembers was the mistaken announcement of which film won the Best Picture category at the 89th Academy Awards. An event as grand and elaborate as this, it’s easy to make mistakes. omissions are acceptable. However, the feeling of “country like a goat” is not something that is easy to forget or pleasant, as the cast of La La Land has experienced.

That year, the best picture competition took place between La La Land and Moonlight . Both were critically praised for their quality and meaning (of both story and society with Moonlight being a movie about the LGBTQ+ community). The moment came, the couple on duty announced Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway named La La Land as the winning film. It wasn’t until the producers and actors were about to say thank you that the Oscar organizers rushed to apologize and correct the result, it was Moonlight that was the winning film that year. The cast of La La Land and the Oscar organizers at that time could not be more rural.

2. Alleged racism caused Oscars 2015, 2016 (Oscar 87, 88) to be boycotted

The accusation that Oscar has a racist tradition has been talked about through the ages, but it was not until 2015 and 2016 that the Academy felt the terrible consequences of this allegation. 2 Oscar events 87, 88 were criticized because the committee did not select any films or actors of color for the categories. After Oscar 87 announced their all-white nominations, hashtags like “#OscarSoWhite” and “#WhiteOscar” went viral on social media, leading to an Oscar boycott among artists, actors, and actresses. members and the press. It wasn’t until the Oscars panel announced it was making internal adjustments to honor Hollywood’s racial diversity that the anger subsided.

However, the next Oscar, the council repeated the mistake when with a “white” list of nominations, Jada Pinkett Smith and Oscar-winning director Spike Lee had to lead a new wave of boycotts. . So far, comparing the nomination history of the council, Oscar has not escaped the label of “racist”.

3. Sacha Baron Cohen brought “Kim Jong-il’s ashes” to the 2012 Oscar event

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has made a name for himself with his sarcastic jokes, but his scene at the 2012 Oscars is one of his most memorable. Appearing completely in the costume of Admiral, General Haffaz Aladeen in the satirical comedy he previously starred in, the actor arrived at the ceremony with an interesting “guest”: “ashes”. of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.

It was a bronze urn with a picture of Kim Jong-il on it, the actor declared that he was fulfilling the former politician’s wish to attend the Oscars ceremony (Before becoming the leader of North Korea). , Kim Jong-il was in charge of the film propaganda department and had a dream of creating Oscar-sized films).

However, Sacha Baron Cohen’s “role-playing” screen did not stop there. While being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest, he spilled “ash” (later revealed to be pancake mix) on Seacrest. It’s one of Baron Cohen’s finest examples of dark humor. While the act was harmless, it was nonetheless a memorable Oscar moment in event history.

4. Award for pedophile at Oscar 2003

This is considered one of the darkest moments in Oscar history, a stain on Hollywood’s most prestigious golden statue and causing many to question the character of the Oscar council.

Polanski appeared in court in 1977 | Indie Wire
It was 2003, the 75th Academy Awards were held. Everything was going as usual until the name Roman Polanski was called up in the category of Best Director. The whole audience cheered, but the audience did not. Because Roman Polanski was arrested and investigated for drugging and raping a 13-year-old underage girl in 1977, that same year, Polanski pleaded guilty and had to flee to Paris to avoid prison. But that did not stop his colleagues, the film community in America continued to support him. Polanski’s win that year infuriated the public about the fact that Oscar and Hollywood turned a blind eye to the unethical behavior of an industry insider.

It was not until several allegations of similar behavior by Polanski surfaced later, and the #Metoo wave peaked in 2018, that Oscar officially canceled Polanski’s membership in the Academy board and officially set forth the challenges. Code of ethics with members. But it remains one of those moments that cast doubt on the moral of the Oscars, often referred to as the club of older white men accused of belittling women. racist, conservative with unethical sexual practices (Harvey Weinstein is representative). To this day, Polanski is still wanted.

5. Marlon Brando turned down his Oscar at Oscar 1973

Compared to this legendary moment, Will Smith’s slap is just a matter of flies. In 1973, at the Oscars event, all of Hollywood was in a state of euphoria. Because they just had a new cinematic milestone – The Godfather has become a legend. But they don’t know that Oscar himself will have a legend of his own.

As expected, the name Marlon Brando was called up in the Best Actor category for the role of The Godfather. But Brando didn’t show up. On his behalf was a baby actress named Sacheen Littlefeather, an Indian actor and Native American rights activist. She stepped up to the podium and announced that Marlon Brando would not accept the Oscar because the Hollywood film industry repeatedly painted the image of Native Americans.

Instead of being pacifist and victims of the colonization of white Americans, they appear on screen as savages and often villains that cowboy heroes must eradicate. According to Brando, it was unethical and he did not allow himself to accept an award that represents an industry that has contributed to distorting the image and history of Native Americans.

Brando and Littlefeather’s actions were later met with much criticism as well as a standing ovation. On the opposing side, John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, two role models of the Western genre, strongly criticized Marlon Brando. John Wayne is also said to have tried to attack Littlefeather while she was giving a speech.

During this Oscar 2022, the ceremony devoted a moment to celebrate The Godfather ‘s 50th anniversary, but director Francis Ford Coppola did not mention the name that made a Godfather without words to praise. Many speculate that, considering the relationship between Brando and Oscar, mentioning Brando’s name in this place is not advisable. But, without an Oscar, Marlon Brando is still a legend. And while he’s not the only one to turn down this golden statuette, Brando is still the most famous.