Open up! Song Heung-Min Admits He Supports Manchester United


A shocking confession was made by Son Heung-Min . The Tottenham striker admitted that he was a Manchester United supporter .

Son is one of the most dangerous strikers in the EPL. Slowly but surely he transformed into a deadly goal machine in England.

Tokcer Son’s performance made him touted as the best Asian player in the EPL. In fact, he is said to have surpassed the senior, Park Ji-Sung, who plays for Manchester United.

Son recently revealed an interesting fact. He turned out to be a Manchester United supporter.

Idol Team
In his interview with Pro Direct Soccer, Son revealed which clubs he supported as a child.

The striker did not hesitate to say that he is a supporter of the Red Devils.

“Which team did I support when I was a kid? That’s Man United,”

Factor Park Ji Sung
Son admits that the reason for supporting the Red Devils is the Park Ji-Sung factor which he considers to be a hero figure for him.

He is a national hero in Korea,”

“He is a good friend of mine, so I support United. But for now I can’t support them anymore,” he joked.

Son himself certainly must be absent for several weeks.

He had an injury so he had to focus on recovering from the injury.

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Revealed! Son Heung-min claims to be a MU fan when he was a kid because of Park Ji-sung

Striker mainstay Tottenham , Son Heung-min revealed that when he was a kid he was a fan of Manchester United since the figure of Park Ji-sung .

Park had indeed been a mainstay in Manchester United’s midfield in the period 2005 to 2012 ago. Park played a total of 205 times, contributing 27 goals for the Red Devils.

Park Ji-sung also contributed to bringing Manchester United to a series of prestigious trophies, ranging from four Premier League titles, three League Cups, and one Champions League trophy and the Club World Cup each.

Son Heung-min’s confession
Recently, Son Heung-min admitted that he supported Manchester United as a child because of Park Ji-sung’s figure who became an icon of South Korea at that time.

“Manchester United because obviously Ji-sung is playing,” Son replied when asked by Pro:Direct which club he supported as a kid.

“He is a national hero. In Korea too they will say he has two hearts. For me he is a national hero. He is my best friend,” he added.

Park Ji-sung’s Great Service
For Son Heung-min personally, the figure of Park Ji-sung is not just a great footballer. More than that, he became a role model for the players in the generations that followed.

So I support United, but now I can’t!” he said.