Onward tells the story when a world that was originally filled with magical powers


The annual routine agenda carried out at the beginning of the year is to make a list of films that you must watch in theaters that year. I don’t mean to be pretentious, but I’m sure that Pixar animated films will definitely be on your list. The standard of Pixar animation from presenting a story that feels more unique and personal to the audience and the quality of animation that is increasing in each new film have become our main reference why Pixar animated films should be included in films that must be watched in theaters. For 2020, there are two Pixar films that will air, the first is Onward and Soul. And the film that we are reviewing this time is, of course, Onward, a film whose plot is set in a modern-fantasy setting.

Onward tells the story when a world that was originally filled with magical powers and magical creatures that are slowly disappearing is eroded by technological advances and these creatures are getting lazy to learn magic because it is very difficult to learn and not as practical as technology. Then the story moves to our main character Ian Lightfoot (Tom Holland) who lives in the present who has just turned 16. This young elf gets a very extraordinary gift from his mother (Julia Louis-Dreyfus). A wand that is inherited from his father, Wilden Lightfoot (Kyle Bornheimer), who died before Ian was born. From the will that was left, the gift may be given when Ian and Barley (Chris Pratt) have reached the age of 16 years.

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The gift turns out to be a wand, a Phoenix Gem, and a spell note that can return their father for a whole day to the real world. A spell that makes the dead return to the mortal world for 24 hours. Something that Ian really wanted was to be able to meet his father whom he had never met in his life. Guided by Barley who knows the ins and outs of the “old world”, Barley tries the stick all day without success. Until finally Ian, who was initially pessimistic and thought magic was just a legend, tried to cast a spell with the wand which unexpectedly succeeded. But unfortunately the spell only managed to work halfway when the phoenix gem shattered and the father’s body was only half formed from waist to toe. Starting from there, Barley and Ian decided to look for another phoenix gem found somewhere with a boardgame map guide which, according to Barley, was all based on facts. In a race against time, the two of them began their adventure to get the phoenix gem and be able to meet their father.

I mentioned above that one of the reasons why Pixar films are quite memorable for us is because they have a unique story plot and feel personal to the audience. It was repeated again through Onward. With a fantasy world background, maybe not everyone can relate, but with a composition that tells the relationship between two brothers and sisters, of course, most of us experience it. Even if you are an only child it will be easy to get involved in the story. Get ready to experience moments from laughter to onion moments that will make your experience of watching Toy Story, Coco and other Pixar films repeat themselves.

The strength of this film apart from the visuals that are very pleasing to the eye is in the voice actors. Especially Barley voiced by Chris Pratt. For me he is another life of this film. It’s not that I’m ruling out the other voice actors, it’s just that Chris Pratt gives another touch to his character that I don’t think I’ve seen in any other film. Even though the cheerful and comical character is not the first Chris Pratt character we see. But again there is a difference that we feel in the character of Barley which I think controls the emotions of the audience throughout the film. As for Tom Holland? Well, it’s easy to feel that Ian’s character is very Tom Holland in other films. But it’s not because Tom Holland doesn’t explore his character, but rather because Ian’s character is more like Tom Holland in other films.

Through Onward Pixar again presents a film that is entertaining and emotional at the same time for the audience. With a light and personal story anyone can enjoy it. It’s a shame to just pass up the spectacle.