One Punch Man: This Character Tatsumaki Can’t Control!


In the One-Punch Man story, there are lots of powers that can be possessed by the heroes as well as the villains. However, most characters are shown to have strength that depends on muscle and speed. Examples are Flashy Flash, Speed ​​O’Sonic, Garou, Bang, Bomb, and many others. They rely on moves, martial arts abilities, and fighting styles.

Of the many characters who rely on strength and speed, there are also characters who are considered to have “special” powers. In this case they are Espers, people who have telekinesis abilities. In the story itself is known not many people who get this ability. One of the characters known for his telekinesis power is Tatsumaki.

Tatsumaki’s telekinesis power is known to be extraordinary. He can destroy enemies or monsters without touching, and he can do this remotely. Tatsumaki is also known to be able to create a barrier or barrier that can protect one person or even a city.

No less epic is that if Tatsumaki wanted to, he could destroy a city very easily. This was shown in the previous chapter, where when all the heroes tried to save Waganma from the hands of the monster association, Tatsumaki asked Sekingar if he could destroy the entire city of Z so that Waganma could be found faster.

With great strength, it’s only natural that Tatsumaki is in the position of the second most powerful hero of the S class, under Blast. Thanks to his telekinesis power, apart from being able to lift entire cities with ease, Tatsumaki is also known to be able to control other people. This is thanks to the Chi Manipulation technique.

The Chi Manipulation technique itself is basically capable of making the target paralyzed or unable to move and can cause extreme discomfort. This is because Tatsumaki controls the life energy in a person’s body. However, it was known that even though Chi Manipulation was extremely powerful there were some people who were known to be impervious to this power.

The first is the Golden Sperm. In the Golden Sperm fight against Tatsumaki, at that time Tatsumaki admitted that he could feel the physicality of the monster. On the other hand, the Golden Sperm itself didn’t feel anything in its body. This also inevitably made Tatsumaki confused because he could not control his body.

Besides, Tatsumaki was also confused because he couldn’t slam the body of the Golden Sperm. The next character that Tatsumaki knows can’t control is Garou. Garou is a figure who has experienced a tremendous increase in strength since the Monster Association arc began. However, there was a reason that might explain why Garou was able to withstand an attack from Tatsumaki.

Garou is likely resistant to Tatsumaki’s psychic attacks because he is already immune after his previous fight against Gyoro Gyoro. Before fighting Gyoro Gyoro, Garou had also fought against Rover and Orochi. That is, maybe Garou is used to it and has adapted to various psychic attacks.

The last one is Saitama. Actually Tatsumaki can feel the physique of Saitama, as happened to the Golden Sperm. However, Tatsumaki was unable to lift Saitama. Tatsumaki felt overwhelmed while trying to do so. Saitama also actually felt the effects of Tatsumaki’s power entering his body, where his muscles were spasming.

The funny thing is that Saitama thought that at that time Tatsumaki was massaging his body. It is still unknown what later became the exact reason why Tatsumaki could not lift or control the bodies of the three people. However, there are several possibilities that could be the reason for that moment.

First, the three of them are figures who have strong determination. In addition, those who have exceeded or destroyed their inner limiters – such as Garou and Saitama – are considered to be no longer able to be controlled. This is also supported by Fubuki’s words which state that those who have strong determination tend to be impossible to control even though Tatsumaki’s strength is very powerful.

Another possibility is that when Tatsumaki tried to control them, Tatsumaki was injured where his head was bleeding. The head is one of Tatsumaki’s known weaknesses so far. This means that it makes sense that later when Tatsumaki is injured, his strength will not be maximized which makes him unable to control the characters.