One Punch Man: The Difference Between Garou’s Two Awakening Versions!

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Garou is one of the most talked about villains besides Orochi. He is a disciple of Silver Fang, who is not satisfied with the figure of a hero. In this Monster Association arc we see how Garou’s strength has grown drastically. Garou does have extraordinary physical abilities. However, his ability to adapt to pain allows him to have another thing, which is to evolve into a monster figure.

In the previous chapter, we already saw how Awakened Garou was finally shown. However, this Awakened Garou wasn’t exactly a monster. Garou himself is still conscious and able to control himself, it’s just that his strength and speed have increased drastically. In the webcomic itself, after he beats up Prisoner Castle he goes head-to-head with Superalloy Darkshine.

Even though it’s just an opening form, Awakened Garou is able to withstand Superalloy’s tackle attacks. An enraged Garou and his increased abilities were then able to match the power of Darkshine’s Superalloy without any difficulty. Various attacks are then launched by Garou, which makes Superalloy fear the power. In the end, Superalloy was easily defeated by Garou in that fight.

The development of Garou’s form continues to occur in the last few chapters. After the battle against Flashy Flash and Platinum Sperm, Garou’s body seemed to be covered by a black protective suit, in the battle against Saitama in chapter 163 yesterday we saw how Garou seemed to have really turned into a monster figure.

His body was slightly enlarged and the muscles of his body more clearly visible. The technique used is no less powerful, as practiced in the God Slayer Ascending Attack technique. However, talking about the change in the form of the Garou monster turned out to be a debate among One-Punch Man fans.

Some fans say that Yusuke Murata’s version of the Garou monster presented in the manga doesn’t really show the monster side of Garou. And one other thing that was also criticized by fans was how Garou’s rapidly growing body size would actually reduce his incredible speed like during the fight against the Platinum Sperm.

When compared to the web comic version of Monster Garou by ONE, some fans think that the intimidating aura of the monster Garou is much more pronounced. The appearance of the Garou monster in the web comic version is also considered far more terrifying and scary when compared to the manga version, which tends to be aesthetic.

Compared to the manga version, the web comic version of the Garou monster is also considered much more brutal. At the end of chapter 163 yesterday, Garou re-evolved where his body was also getting bigger with now he has a pair of wings behind his body. It is also considered less attractive and less scary.

And with this change that seems rushed, it seems to be the difference between these two versions of Garou. It’s probably too early to judge whether the manga version of Garou’s monster failed or succeeded, since the battle against Saitama himself had just happened. Even so, the pace of change of Garou’s monsters may indeed feel too fast.

It is still unknown whether Yusuke Murata really has his own plans to present something different to the Garou monster figure, compared to the web comic version. Apart from the differences above, there are also some fans who think that Yusuke Murata’s version of the Garou monster character design is actually better and more interesting. And these two versions of Garou’s monsters certainly have their own advantages. What do you think geeks, do you prefer the monster web comic version or the manga version?