One-Punch Man 164: the last chapter reveals details about the origins of Saitama


The Seinen One-Punch Man manga revealed an unexpected connection between its protagonist, Saitama, and the series’ mysterious ending villain, the creature known as “God ,” which may finally explain the origin of Saitama’s absurd strength.

The conclusion of chapter 164 of One-Punch Man was completely redone by the authors, One and Yusuke Murata, a week after its release.

In the new version Garou, who is being hopelessly beaten by Saitama, is contacted by God, a mysterious entity who offers power to selected individuals to pursue his as yet unclear agenda..

Garou, tricked by God into assuming the guise of his former master Bang, receives a new power-up and is ready for round two with Saitama.

What’s more interesting, however, is the way God refers to the bald hero, which, along with a hint previously thrown by another monster, suggests there may be a link between the two.

Garou developed his own martial arts style, evolving Bang’s Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist through countless battles and near-death experiences.

Garou called his style Monster Calamity God Slayer Fist, but it proved useless against Saitama’s absurd defense. In the second version of chapter 164, when God reaches Garou in his mind, he says that there is only one punch (which means technique or fighting style) that can counter “the punch that has turned against God” , in reference to the protagonist , and grants Garou a new form which translates into the Fist of God.

God’s way of describing Saitama, referring to a rebellion against himself, is completely unexpected, but in hindsight it was foretold by another monster, Sage Centipede , who used the same title in chapter 156.

Sage Centipede had announced that he and his sister, Evil Ocean Water , had been sent to destroy “the abominable fist that has turned against God . ” At the time, Garou believed the monster was talking about him, but now he understands that he was actually referring to Saitama.

Readers know that God is somehow connected to all the monsters that appear in the series and recently learned that the creature is trapped by a dimensional seal.

A team led by Blast, One-Punch Man’s S-1-class hero, is trying to prevent God’s influence from spreading, but up to this point the whole storyline seemed disconnected from Saitama who, as always, is unaware of what is happening around him.

However, the revelation that God considers Saitama to be his personal enemy opens the way for speculation about the origins of the hero’s inexplicable power.

The key may be the idea of ​​”rebellion” against God. The villain likes to tempt people with the promise of great power, as he did with the Earthless Emperor, Garou and Tatsumaki (but this last attempt failed).

Perhaps, Saitama’s absurd power stems from a covenant made with God, but the hero has somehow escaped his side of the covenant and its influence.

This is only a theory and God’s hatred towards the protagonist could be motivated by the fact that he exterminates monsters with ease, but the use of the word “transformed” suggests a different, more personal and intimate bond,

It’s possible that once more details about God and his plans are revealed, One-Punch Man fans will finally discover the truth about the character’s senseless power.

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