One Piece: Who is the Strongest Female Samurai?


The Wanokuni arc in the One Piece series is one of the unique and complex series. A lot of important information was revealed in this arc, information that had never appeared before. For example we finally know why the last island was named Laugh Tale . Or another example is that we know that Wano is indeed the hometown of the Shimotsuki clan.

However, the most interesting part of the Wano arc is, of course, how we are introduced to the unique things that exist in the region. For example, we know the figure of a ninja and also a samurai. This is natural because Wano is an isolated area, so not much information or things from outside can enter the area.

Speaking of samurai, this is actually one of the unique things in Wano. The majority of the population in Wano are samurai, where they are very skilled in using the sword. We can see this from the figure of Hyogoro or Kozuki Oden. We can also see real examples of the Red Scabbards.

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They are all very great swordsmen, whose swordsmanship can scare many people. Not to mention they have other abilities like Ryuo or Armament Haki. With Ryuo, their attack level will increase. We can see this from the figure of Kozuki Oden who is able to injure Kaido’s figure.

Female Samurai in One Piece
Although the number is not much, but in the One Piece story there are several female characters who have extraordinary sword skills. One example is Wanda. Wanda is part of the Mink tribe that comes from Zou. He is one of the characters who fought in Onigashima.

Wanda’s sword skills are also quite extraordinary as shown in the story. Due to being part of the Mink tribe, Wanda is able to use their special power, Electro. Electro is a technique where a Mink tribe will release electricity from his body to increase the level of their attack power.

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Wanda herself is able to use Electro techniques and coat them onto the swords she wields. The effect certainly makes Wanda’s sword attack increase. Not to mention when Wanda transformed into Sulong form, which became the wildest and strongest form in the Minks. We can see this in his battle against Perospero, where Wanda fought alongside Carrot against one of Big Mom’s children.

Other Female Samurai Characters
Although Wanda is one of the best female samurai or swordsmen, there are several other female characters who also have great sword skills. For example the figure of Kuina. Kuina is the daughter of Shimotsuki Koushiro, Zoro’s mentor when he was little. Kuina and Zoro have also been practicing a lot since they were little.

And in fact, even though Kuina is a woman, she was able to defeat Zoro in thousands of battles. In fact, Zoro has never managed to win against Kuina. Besides Kuina, we also know the figure of Tashigi from the navy. The representative of Smoker also has a capable sword ability.

However, it must be admitted that the level of sword power of Tashigi is not very impressive. Even so, it does not mean that in the future Tashigi will not get stronger. Other names who also have extraordinary sword skills are Rebecca who comes from Dressrosa.

Then, we can also see how terrifying Charlotte Smoothie is with her sword. And lastly, Big Mom who is able to withstand the power of Kaido thanks to her sword skills. Big Mom even has a unique sword made from fragments of her soul, that of Napoleon. So, it can be concluded that there are quite a lot of great female samurai figures in the One Piece story. They may pose a major threat in the future.