One Piece: These 5 Characters Can “Disappear”!

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There are many ways that are presented in the story in the One Piece series to present an epic and interesting battle. For example, by using a devil fruit, which is known to have tremendous power. Or use the ability Haki, which is able to match the ability of a devil fruit. All these things are done to be able to win the battle against the enemy.

However, in addition to using physical strength and also the abilities mentioned above, one can also perform other abilities to be able to win in battle, one of which is using the ability to “disappear” aka camouflage. There are several characters known to have this unique ability in the series. Anyone?

Psycho P
Psycho P is not a canon character because he is a character who only appears in a special episode, namely One Piece: Heart of Gold which is the tie-in for the One Piece Movie: Gold movie. Psycho P has a unique appearance, with his style similar to that of a street artist. Psycho P itself is part of the Treasures pirate group.

He has a devil fruit ability called Iro Iro no Mi, where by using spray paint he is able to disguise his body with the situation around him. Not only his body, he is also able to disguise all pirate ships belonging to his group which allows them to attack their targets without being detected.

Absalom is one of the subordinates of the former Shichibukai, Gecko Moria, who was first introduced during the Thriller Bark arc. Absalom is the owner of the Suke Suke no Mi devil fruit, where this devil fruit makes Absalom have the ability to be invisible. Absalom used this ability to hide the weapon in his hand.

During the time-skip, Absalom decided to stop being a pirate and try something else. However, Absalom was later kidnapped by the Blackbeard pirate group and killed. The Suke Suke devil fruit finally fell into the hands of Blackbeard who was then given to Shiryu. And Shiryu is currently the owner of the power of Suke Suke.

Zeo is a fish-man who is part of the New Fishman pirate group, led by Hody Jones. Zeo himself is a character inspired by the spotted carpet shark, a type of shark known to have extraordinary camouflage abilities. Because of this Zeo can be said to have natural camouflage abilities.

With his camouflage ability, Zeo is able to disguise himself with the surroundings in a short time. Unfortunately, whether it’s intentional or not, Zeo often shouts the name of his move – as characters in anime or manga usually do. This also makes Zeo’s disguise often exposed.

Sanji Vinsmoke
Sanji is known to have had several dreams in his life. In addition to dreaming of being able to find All Blue, Sanji also has a dream to become an invisible human. This is because Sanji really wants to be able to see a woman’s body up close. Sanji got jealous when he found out that Absalom had the Suke Suke devil fruit, which he used to make Nami his wife.

However, in the end, Sanji succeeded in realizing his dream after he had a Raid Suit created by his father, Vinsmoke Judge. One of the abilities of the Raid Suit is being able to make Sanji “disappear.” This was Sanji’s practice when he was at the Wano bath.

Queen is one of the three All-Stars of the Beast pirate group. Besides being tough, Queen is also very intelligent. Evidently he is a scientist who has worked with Dr. Vegapunk, Judge, and also Caesar Clown. Queen is even able to turn her body into a cyborg with various powers and abilities.

Another proof of Queen’s intelligence and prowess is how she is able to imitate the abilities of the Raid Suit made by Judge. And one of the imitated abilities is Sanji’s Raid Suit disappearing ability. This he used in the fight against Sanji, where Queen had attacked one of Black Maria’s men. Luckily, Sanji was able to read Queen’s movements.

Having the ability to “disappear” will certainly be very useful in combat, where one can attack the enemy without fear of being detected by the opponent. This is also a terrible ability, where if the ability is used to infiltrate the enemy base then there will be a lot of things that happen.