One Piece: Straw Hat Pirates’ Favorite Food


One Piece is a manga and anime by mangaka Eiichiro Oda. The One Piece manga itself was first published on July 22, 1997. As for the anime series, it was animated by Toei Animation for the first time in Japan in 1999.

Luffy who wants to become the pirate king. He adventures around the ocean to find a treasure called One Piece. During his adventure he met Zoro, Nami, Usop, Sanji, Robbin, Chopper, Franky, Brook and Jinbe who became the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Since its premiere in October 1999 in Japan, One Piece has captured a lot of viewers’ attention. This makes it one of the anime that has a big enough influence until now.

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In the manga, Eichiiro Oda often answers readers’ questions through the SBS column ((質問 or Shitsumon o Boshū Suru, if in Indonesian it means “Please ask as much as you like”). In this column fans often ask about the story and characters in One Piece. Among them are animals that symbolize members, members’ favorite islands and seasons, colors and many other questions.

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In an SBS question, a fan asked what each of the Straw Hats’ favorite foods are. Oda answered the question and told what foods the Straw Hat Pirates liked. For Luffy himself as seen in the series Luffy really likes meat, in the spin off manga entitled One Piece Pirates Recipes it is explained that Luffy’s favorite food is Sanji’s Meat on the Bone.

Zoro chose white rice and sea king meat (Sea Beast) as his favorite food. In addition, due to his drinking habits Zoro also likes complementary foods to drink sake.

Nami’s favorite food, who is a ship navigator, is tangerines and other fruits. It is also the same with her step sister and mother who also likes fruits.

For Usopp himself, his favorite food is peanuts from Spring Island and other seasonal fish. Meanwhile, Sanji the ship’s chef really likes spicy seafood pasta and food that complements black tea.

Tony Tony Chopper’s Favorite Foods are cotton candy, chocolate, and other sugary foods and drinks. Meanwhile, Nico Robbin’s favorite foods are sandwiches, cakes that are not too sweet, and coffee to accompany her reading a book.

Franky, who really likes cola, chooses hamburgers and fries as his favorite food. Meanwhile, Brook, who likes tea, likes Takoyaki and curry. Then Jinbe’s favorite food is mozuku seaweed with vinegar, and also fruit. Oda’s answer is shown in Chapter 850, and it is confirmed in Chapter 854 that Sanji has a habit of making these foods for the members.

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5 One Piece 1023 Spoiler, Sanji Called Half Robot

The release schedule for the new One Piece manga chapter 1023 will arrive on Sunday (29/8/2021). However, this manga by Eiichiro Oda has been flooded with spoilers everywhere.

However, it is only natural that these spoilers are scattered because of the many interesting and unexpected things that will be revealed in the One Piece 1023 manga later.

At least there are some things in the story of One Piece 1023 that still take place in Wano. One of them is Zoro and Sanji who are still clashing with All Stars Kaido.

In addition to showing several battles between Luffy’s group and Kaido’s men, One Piece 1023 also shows Momonosuke becoming an adult.

Then, what are the One Piece 1023 spoilers that were circulating on the Reddit site? Here’s the row.

1. Sampul One Piece Chapter 1023
Like the previous chapters, One Piece chapter 1023 also has a cover. This time, Vivi was seen sitting on a tree branch with birds perched on her arms. Carue looks angry like jealous of Vivi and the birds together.

2. Zoro and Sanji (Beware of Spoilers)
Zoro and Sanji from the Straw Hats against King and Queen from Kaido also leaked before the manga was published. In this scene, Chopper and Marco are also seen.

3. Half Robot Sanji?
In the same scene, Sanji told Zoro that something was wrong with his body after he put on the Raid Suit.

In the middle of the fight, Queen mentions that Sanji is one of Germa’s cyborgs. He said that all of Judge’s children were cyborgs, aka half-robot humans.

Sanji of course denied but Queen said that Sanji also came from a race called Lunaria.

4. Jack and Inuarashi
The scene also shows the atmosphere of the 2nd floor of Onigashima castle involving Jack and Inuarashi’s fight. Here, Jack uses his hybrid form. Inuarashi was also seen changing form thanks to the hole in the ceiling opened by Kaido.

5. Luffy and Momonosuke
At Wanokuni beach, Luffy remembers his first meeting with Momonosuke who is now 28 years old. Shinobu’s power has made Momonosuke grow 20 years.

In this scene, the adult Momonosuke looks taller than Shinobu and almost the same as Luffy. Later, Luffy took Momonosuke to Wano.