One Piece: Joy Boy & Kozuki Clan Connection?

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With new surprising and extraordinary facts, it’s no wonder that Luffy became the main focus of One Piece fans in chapter 1044 yesterday. Eiichiro Oda surprised all fans with the fact that the devil fruit that Luffy consumed was actually the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika. Luffy also awakens his powers with Gear 5.

However, even though Luffy is in the spotlight with his new powers and amazing facts presented, there are actually important details that many fans may have missed. The important detail in question is the moment of Kozuki Hiyori and also Kurozumi Orochi, who are trapped in a room in one of the parts of Kaido’s palace.

The chapter shows how Orochi appears helpless under the ruins of Kaido’s palace, after his body was unable to use his demonic powers because Hiyori stabbed him with the power of a sea stone. Orochi even begged Hiyori not to kill him. Orochi says that he is one of the admirers of Oden’s figure, which only infuriates Hiyori.

Hiyori says that her father used to want to open Wano’s borders and make Wano an open country, but Orochi prevented this. Even though Oden continues to suffer in order to protect the residents, Hiyori admits that she always smiles and tries to be on her father’s side.

In the end, Orochi himself was burned to death by the remains of Kazenbo. Hiyori also said that dawn would soon arrive in Wano, and her family would fulfill their promise. This may sound ordinary, but it is arguably very relevant to what will happen next in the One Piece series, given the long history between the Kozuki clan and Joy Boy.

The Moment Is An Important Hint
For most fans, maybe Luffy’s Gear 5 shocking moment became a very extraordinary moment that made Hiyori’s moment considered as something unimportant. However, of course there is a reason why Hiyori’s moment was then brought up in chapter 1044. About 800 years ago, the Kozuki family created a Poneglyph whose contents are history that happened in the world.

Based on that, it meant that Joy Boy probably had a strong connection with the Kozuki clan. This is because there are many Poneglyphs that contain the story of Joy Boy and how the Road Poneglyphs were then stored in Laugh Tale. Zunesha herself firmly stated that Luffy inherited the will from Joy Boy. In fact, he is the new Joy Boy that has been waiting for so long.

This makes Hiyori’s moment in chapter 1044 very important. His father, Kozuki Oden, really hopes for Joy Boy to return and he even looks forward to and welcomes him by trying to open the borders of Wano. Even though Hiyori is a woman and often moves behind the scenes, Hiyori tries to continue her father’s struggle, just as Momonosuke did.

The Kozuki Clan Is Important To Luffy
Oda Sensei seems to deliberately present Hiyori’s moment appearing in chapter 1044 to recall about the figure of Joy Boy, and what his role is in this world. In addition, all the history and information about Joy Boy written on the Poneglyph can be realized thanks to the services of the Kozuki clan. Of course, there was a clear reason why the connection between Joy Boy and the Kozuki clan was established, and Zunesha could explain everything.

Of course, fans hope that Oda can present various epic stories that happened in the past after the battle of Onigashima. By now, we already know that Luffy is Joy Boy. This means that Hiyori and Momonosuke must help and carry on what their parents promised before. Oden and Toki are looking forward to the appearance of Joy Boy.

They assume that Joy Boy will arrive in the near future. They also think that to be able to realize what is Joy Boy’s task, Joy Boy needs help. Unfortunately, Toki and Oden were unable to make this happen, as was the Joy Boy figure. Currently, the new Joy Boy has been born and is in sight.

With Oden and Toki gone, it’s Hiyori and Momonosuke’s job to help Luffy make things happen. Orochi is shown to have lost – possibly dead too – and Kaido is also likely to suffer defeat. At the end of this arc Wano will finally have a better future, and the world will probably thank the Kozuki clan for helping the new Joy Boy fulfill his task.