One Piece Chapter 1045 Leaked Theory


I don’t know why when I saw Luffy’s change in form, the optimism of victory became even more pronounced. Imagine, after being beaten badly by Kaido, Luffy rose with his new power which is predicted to be the reincarnation of Joy Boy.

Its unique shape makes this power far from what fans predict, but behind it holds a very large power. Luffy, whose original body size is much smaller than Kaido, can suddenly make the king of beasts lose.

The title “Yonko” pinned to Kaido seems meaningless. When turning into a dragon, Luffy makes it look like a skipping rope toy! Twisted around like Kaido, this is a trivial enemy that can be defeated easily.

The crew of the Straw Hat Pirates glared at this incident, as did KINDIR. Is it time for that overpower? Is this a sign that later the Wano arc will end with Kaido’s crushing defeat?

When they saw Luffy’s new form, he was a bit surprised, as did Zunesha and Momonosuke when they arrived at the rooftop of Onigashima palace. Previously, the giant elephant had said that he felt the presence of Joy Boy after 800 years. But did not imagine that his shape would be as funny as Luffy.

However, it is still a secret whether this is a form of gear 5 or awakening. Because many fans say that this new form should be a form of awakening. However, in the One Piece 1044 spoiler Luffy mentions “Gear 5”. Now, considering that the captain’s words are inconsequential, it seems we still have to wait for confirmation of this in the next chapters.

With his new powers, Luffy can be immortal?

In One Piece chapter 1045, Luffy is running out of time. As usual, when changing into a new form there must be a certain duration along with Luffy’s endurance. However, in fact Luffy can get up on his own without having to have a “moment of love” or flashback first.

In the middle of the fight, Luffy’s heart weakened which resulted in his strength dropping drastically. When everyone thought there was no more hope, but apparently Luffy was able to get up by pumping his heart again.

Wonder, what kind of power can get to pump the heart and give it full strength again. Indeed, this new figure is full of surprises, plus the battle with Kaido, which is increasingly visible, the end point is even more exciting to look forward to.