One Piece Chapter 1044 Spoiler

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1. The appearance of the figure of “Joy Boy”

The Joy Boy theory is one of the most awaited by fans. Because the figure of this character has not really been described by Oda. But for sure, this Joy Boy figure will be a surprise in One Piece chapter 1044 later.

Why is that? All because of one cut at the end of chapter 1043. There Zunesha heard the sound of the independence drums which she last heard 800 years ago. What’s more, this giant elephant says that Joy Boy is back!

This theory is also supported by Luffy’s changing form while smiling with more flexible hair. Even though in this story Luffy is considered to have lost and is claimed to be dead by Kaido. But this awakening will be the moment when Joy Boy appears in One Piece chapter 1044.

2. Carried with the title “War of Liberation”

Given that Luffy has been defeated, Kaido immediately targets all of Luffy’s allies. He attacked all the troops in Luffy’s camp that were still left. Even saying that this victory was the beginning of Kaido’s slavery to the beast kingdom. However, some of them are still not discouraged and even want to keep fighting even if they have to die.

Reported by the Korean Redon and Arlong Park Forum pages, One Piece chapter 1044 will carry the title “War of Liberation”. Come to think of it, it fits perfectly with the ending of the previous chapter. Because Luffy’s resurrection made it possible to defeat Kaido and abort his plans for slavery.

The word liberation can refer to Zunesha’s monologue which mentions the “drum of independence”. Looks like we will be shown the moment of Luffy’s superiority after turning into a different figure.

3. The awakening of gear 5 Luffy

This different figure could be Luffy’s gear 5 awakening. So far, Luffy only has four types of gear and still hasn’t been able to bring Kaido to his knees. The biggest possibility is that when Luffy rises again, we will be shown the full form of Luffy’s gear 5 and it could be a picture of Joy Boy.

It was through this awakening that the victory momentum of the Mugiwara crew and allies occurred. When it comes to shape, from the spoilers of One Piece chapter 1044, Luffy will have a body that is bigger than his normal size. It’s not as big as Gear 4, namely Bounce Man.

Even more manly, and it’s natural why many say that Luffy is in a trance. The thing is, from the look in the eyes until the aura is different from usual.