One Piece 1078 Leak Reveals Who Betrayed Vegapunk Satellite


Previously in Egghead, there was a traitor among Vegapunk who was a mystery because his identity was unknown.

The traitor killed another Vegapunk satellite and made the situation even more difficult.

Who is this traitor? It turns out that it is already known from One Piece Spoiler chapter 1078.

1. Previously a mysterious traitor appeared in Egghead
In chapters 1074 and 1075, we are shown a traitor who destroys the surveillance camera.

Not only that, in the previous chapter the mysterious figure attacked and killed Shaka, one of Vegapunk’s satellites.

Because of his mysterious figure, so guess what, who is the traitor?

2. York is the traitor!
There are seven versions of Vegapunk where the Vegapunk satellite is also one of the suspicious parties.

Most likely one of them was the traitor (except for Shaka because he was the one who was killed) and it turned out to be true!

From the leak of One Piece chapter 1078, the traitor is York, Vegapunk satellite number 6!

3. Since York is Vegapunk’s greedy satellite, it’s not surprising
From the Vegapunk satellites, each of them has a different personality and their own uniqueness.

For York, he is a satellite that carries the greedy nature of Vegapunk, who is shown to always eat greedily and lazily.

From the One Piece Spoiler chapter 1078, it is said that he wants to become a Tenryubito, which is the reason why he betrayed and of course because of his greed.