One Piece 1,053 Spoiler Unlock Yonko Status and Luffy’s New Rewards


One Piece 1,053 spoilers reveal two things that loyal readers have been waiting for. The first is Luffy’s Yonko status. And, the second, most awaited, is the price of reward or reward for the head of the Straw Hat Pirates Captain.

In the spoiler that has been circulating widely, it is stated that One Piece now has two new Yonko. They are Luffy and Buggy. This news will certainly not be welcomed by everyone. Among them were Trafalgar Law and Eutass Kid.

With Kaido and Big Mom down, it’s no wonder they were replaced. In chapterPreviously, Gorosei said, how there was no way to cover up the news of Kaido and Big Mom’s defeat. Whatever, the news will be heard everywhere.

The most surprising thing about this event is the inclusion of Buggy as a new Yonko. Of course, Buggy would continue to fail, as usual. One Piece chapter 1.053 did not reveal how it happened. But, apparently, it was because of his influential alliance. Despite being one of the weakest characters in One Piece , Buggy controls the world’s largest mercenary company. In comparison, Law and Kid have no political influence.

However, whatever it is, the difference in political title has no effect. The World Government continues to view them as an equally dangerous threat. Hence, the World Government also increased the value of their rewards. One Piece 1,053 spoiler reveals the reward value for Luffy, Kid, and Law is the same. However, the spoiler doesn’t say how much the rewards will be for Buggy’s head and the Straw Hat Pirates.

Of course, the main focus for the next chapter will be Luffy, Law, and Kid. Eiichiro Oda seems to want to save the rest of the crew’s rewards for later. That way, the spotlight on them wouldn’t actually be stolen. Fans will definitely know how much Luffy’s rewards are worth in the next few days.

One Piece chapter 1.053 is titled New Morning . The people of Wano still celebrate the fall of Kaido. The Gorosei are busy planning the kidnapping of Nico Robin with CP0. Meanwhile, there was a chat between Hawkins and Drake. Hawkins can see the future with his cards. Hawkins confirmed he was talking about himself when he said one person had a 1% chance of survival. He also predicted Kaido’s defeat with his cards, but he said nothing out of prestige.

Interestingly, Admiral Ryokugyu is currently on his way to Wano. What will happen after Ryokugyu arrives in Wano, of course, must be observed. Chapter 1.053 will reveal whether the Admiral will become Luffy’s new enemy or his ally.

The One Piece 1.053 spoiler also confirms that Wano will not end in this chapter . As such, this story arc will be the longest arc in the history of One Piece . Wano started in July 2018. And, it’s almost 4 years now, apparently, this arc isn’t over yet.

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should pay close attention and readchapters 1,053. This chapter will be one of the last before Oda’s month-long hiatus to prepare for the series’ final saga, which this year marks its 25th anniversary. One Piece will close its journey with chapter 1,054 which will be released on June 25 before Oda goes on hiatus.

Chapter 1054 is said to be the beginning of the final One Piece saga . I don’t know what Oda will do with this chapter . What is clear, there are still a number of loose plot threads to be resolved, such as the Poneglyph. With the end of One Piece getting closer , readers are becoming more and more curious about what will happen.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .