Once Annoyed, Park Min Young Finally Falls In Love With Song Kang On ‘Forecasting Love And Weather’


On Saturday (29/1), JTBC Released A Highlight Video Showing The Romance Of The Characters Park Min Young And Song Kang. Take A Peek At Their Nakedness Below.

On Saturday (29/1), JTBC released the romantic highlights of its new drama entitled ” Forecasting Love and Weather “. This video focuses on the romance of Jin Ha Kyung ( Park Min Young ) and Lee Si Woo ( Song Kang ).

“Forecasting Love And Weather” is a drama about the passionate but unpredictable work and love lives of people working at the Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea’s national weather forecasting service.

The story focuses on general astrologer Jin Ha Kyung who is smart and very organized. However he is very finicky in keeping his personal and professional life separate.

On the other hand, there is a reporter named Lee Si Woo who is free-spirited and always thinks outside the box . Despite having a very high IQ, all he cared about was the weather.

The newly released highlight video reveals the love story between Jin Ha Kyung and Lee Si Woo. “You can’t see the wind, but there are marks where it passes,” said Lee Si Woo very gently.

He is very intelligent but cold and not very close to his co-workers. He even refused to have dinner together after being promoted. “I’m going home. I’m going to go buy a book. I’ll be leaving on time,” he said.

Unlike Jin Ha Kyung who bases everything on scientific facts, Lee Si Woo tends to follow his instincts. He is passionate about the weather and knows no bounds when it comes to reminding people of the impending rain.

Jin Ha Kyung, who was dissatisfied with Lee Si Woo’s way of working, began to protest, “Are you the one who made a special weather report without permission from headquarters? Do you know the labor costs required every time the Korea Meteorological Administration issues a special weather report?”.

Lee Si Woo, who was unaffected by the scolding, immediately replied, “Don’t worry about it. It will definitely rain.” The caption reads, “A relationship that comes with rain”, as if teasing their romance which has just begun.

Their relationship became sweeter when Lee Si Woo took care of Jin Ha Kyung when he was sick. When Lee Si Woo placed a hand on Jin Ha Kyung’s forehead, they stared at each other in a thrilling manner.

Towards the end, Jin Ha Kyung admitted that he couldn’t stop thinking about Lee Si Woo. He said, “I want to meet you like how the clouds make loud noises when they meet each other.”

Meanwhile, “Forecasting Love And Weather” is prepared to replace the broadcast slot ” Snowdrop ” on JTBC Saturday – Sunday night. The plan, the drama directed by ” When the Camellia Blooms ” will start airing on February 12.