Oldest Coaches Who Now Manage Clubs in Europe’s Top League


In addition to needing great and quality players, teams that compete in the highest caste of Europe’s top leagues also really need quality coaches to be able to talk a lot. In addition to being rich in tactics, experience is also one of the benchmarks for a coach to be called quality.

A lot of experience is synonymous with a young age. In today’s top 5 European football leagues there are several aging coaches with a wealth of experience who have a duty to make their clubs play better.

So who are the oldest coaches currently coaching teams in Europe’s top leagues? Here we present the list and reviews.


1. Manuel Pellegrini (Real Betis)

Chilean coach Manuel Pellegrini is the oldest coach currently coaching a team in Europe’s top league. There are 6 different clubs that have been handled by the man who is now 68 years old. Those clubs are Villarreal, Real Madrid, Malaga, Manchester City, West Ham United and currently, Real Betis.

However, since coming to Europe to coach Villarreal in 2004, Pellegrini has only managed to win the title with Manchester City. Nevertheless, Pellegrini is often classified as a coach with a big name.


2. Aurelio Andreazolli (Empoli)
In Italy, the name Aurelio Andreazolli became the oldest coach to gush a Serie A team. Andreazzoli was only appointed at the beginning of this season to coach Empoli, which was a promoted team. The coach who was born on November 5, 1953, spent a long time coaching small teams.

Andreazzoli has also been listed as technical director and caretaker at AS Roma and has been an assistant head coach at Udinese. Until now, only Genoa and Empoli were the top teams that Andreazzoli had coached with the status of head coach.


3. Fabrizio Castori (Salernitana)
The next name is Fabrizio Castori who also coaches the Serie A team. The 67-year-old coach is the coach of the Serie A promotion team, Salernitana. Castori’s coaching career began in 1992 when he coached a local team called Tolentino.

Unfortunately, since the beginning of coaching, Castori has never coached a big Italian team. Cesena, Ascoli, Reggina, and Salernitana may be the names of the clubs that are quite famous Castori has coached.


4. Marcelo Bielsa (Leeds United)
Marcelo Bielsa can be classified as a top coach who has long been in the top European leagues. Espanyol, Athletic Bilbao, Marseille, Lazio, LOSC Lille and Leeds United are European teams that have used the services of this coach nicknamed El Loco .

At the age of 66, Marcelo Bielsa is currently the coach of Leeds United, a position he has held since 2018. Although he is classified as a top coach and a role model for many young coaches, the fact is that Marcelo Bielsa has never been a champion at this level. club.


5. Gian Piero Gasperini (Atalanta)
Another Italian coach who is currently classified as the oldest coach in Europe’s top league is Gian Piero Gasperini. The Atalanta coach was born on January 26, 1958 and is currently 63 years old. His coaching career began when he was appointed as Juventus youth coach in 1994.

Having coached Inter Milan, Genoa, and Palermo, Gasperini is now comfortable with Atalanta, the club he has coached since 2016. Together with Gasperini, the club nicknamed La Dea has managed to become a competitor at the top of the Serie A standings in recent years.

Even though he has not been able to bring Atalanta to the championship trophy, Gasperini has made a very brilliant achievement when he brought La Dea to fight for the first time in the Champions League .

Those are the 5 oldest coaches who currently coach clubs competing in Europe’s top leagues. In your opinion, is the experience of a coach in managing a team a vital thing in a coaching career?