Old-school Anime about Toys that You Wanted as a Child


The 2000s became a golden year for young children, because in that year there were a lot of cartoons to anime shows that could accompany our childhood. Among the many available anime , there are several titles that have the theme of toy fighting.

With a variety of unique designs of these toys, making these anime has an attraction for us. The toys also make us want to have them when we were little. Curious about anything? Check out the series of anime below!

Let’s and Go!! : This anime is the most popular in the toy-themed anime subgenre. All 90’s kids must know this anime. Tells the story of a brother and sister named Retsu and Go, the two of them join the Tamiya competition to be the best.

This toy was very booming at the time, there was even a circuit in particular everywhere. Of course, having this one toy had become a mandatory item for children in the 2000s.

Go for Speed : This anime has the same theme as Let’s and Go, namely a Mini 4WD car aka Tamiya. However, here the Tamiya has a more modern design and concept.

The art style looks better than Let’s and Go, but unfortunately this anime is not as popular as the titles previously mentioned. Maybe only a few people know and collect this toy.

Beyblade : If in the world it is called a top, Japan has a modern version called Beyblade. There’s an anime too, you know. This one game is quite fun, because we can play against our Beyblades, either one on one or in groups.

In the past, these toys were quite varied, ranging from cheap ones sold at brothers near schools, to original versions which were usually found in stores. The price is of course much more expensive.

Crush Gear Turbo : Back to the toy car, but this time the car has a more interesting concept. This time the anime is titled Crush Gear , where the car has guns all around it.

The car that appears in this anime is designed to destroy the opponent. Thanks to the cool shape of the car and the variety of weapons, old children really wanted this one toy.

Yo-Yo Blazing Teens : There is also a live action version of the Blazing Teens anime , you know! Anime and toys are quite famous, until now there are still many communities and competitions.

Just like Beyblade, yoyo from Blazing Teens are available from cheap versions to original ones . Of course, the original one could be in the bottom longer. The more tricks you master, the cooler you will be.

That’s a row of toys in anime that became our dream item when we were little. Do you have one of these?