Ohio Football | “Chris Olive” and Gareth Wilson Run an Incredible Time of 40 Yards


The Ohio football team has been making really good receivers for the past few years. Great credit goes to successor coach Brian Hartline. Hartline hired and developed a number of great guys, including Chris Olav and Gareth Wilson, both of whom are on the NFL Combine. Both receivers are not a sure choice in the first round.

Wilson would certainly be a first-round player now based on the career he had. He may have been the best successor to college football last season, although some others also claim to be. Olave was the frontier pick in the first round heading to the plant. This should no longer be an issue after the 40 times that Olav showed in Indy. Speed ​​was the only question he had in the drafting process.

Olave ran an unofficial 40-yard run of 4.26. This is insanely fast for a man who was known mainly as a man with a deep ball who just follows the ball well. It is clear that Olav’s speed will push him into the first round, perhaps by the middle of the first round. Wilson also ran a ridiculously fast 40 yards. He unofficially escaped 4.37 on his run. He was known as the fuller successor to the two, and did nothing to dispute that.

His 40 times will simply excite any team that decides to take him in the first round. I’m really intrigued to see which team decides to appoint Olav. He will also be a really good professional like Wilson. Both receivers will have an immediate impact with whatever teams end up making them the newest member of their organization.

I’m sure more former Ohio players will give silly numbers during this Combine. If they do, we will certainly let you know.