O Cules, listen to these 4 stars talk about why you don’t want to go to Barcelona and prefer Real Madrid: I don’t mean to betray


Takefusa Kubo didn’t mean to hurt Barcelona ‘s heart . He didn’t want to be branded as a traitor or a nut forgetting the skin.

In fact, he hopes to continue his career to the Barcelona senior team. But what can I do, this La Masia dropout (2011-2015) is actually anchored to Real Madrid .

In 2019, the winger who was born on June 4, 2001, nicknamed the “Japanese Messi”, revealed his story to Marca. “Real Madrid obviously wanted to sign me. They showed me the plans they had for my career and I really liked it,” Kubo said.

Special Reason
Signed from FC Tokyo in 2019, Real Madrid loaned Kubo to clubs such as Mallorca, Villarreal and Getafe. Finally, Real Madrid officially released to Real Sociedad in 2022.

Nevertheless, Kubo remains grateful. “I really like Real Madrid. They have a plan and think about my future,” said Kubo.

Not only Kubo, three other players also prefer Los Blancos to Barcelona for various reasons. Reported by planetfootball, here are the three:

Mesut Ozil
After impressing at the 2010 World Cup, Ozil is one of the most wanted players in the world, including the Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid. Ozil also chose The White.

In his 2017 autobiography, Ozil explained why. “When I visited Barcelona, ​​there was no stadium tour; no trophy displays,” he wrote.

Complete Speech
The former Werder Bremen pillar continued. “Unlike Real Madrid, Barcelona didn’t have an emotional impact on me. The whole visit was less than welcoming, although I was inspired by their style of play. But most disappointing of all is the fact that Pep Guardiola didn’t take the time to meet me,” vented the player. who had visited Indonesia.

During his three years at the Santiago Bernabeu, from 2010 to 2013, the German scored 27 goals and provided 80 assists.


.Sergio Ramos
Toni Freixa, one of the candidates in Barcelona’s presidential election in 2021, told El Partidazo de COPE, “I hope we can get Sergio Ramos from Sevilla. As I understand it, we can sign him,” he said.

However, ironically, the tough defender instead joined Real Madrid and became a legend there (2005 – 2021). Standing firmly at the heart of the defence, Ramos carved out a glorious feat and is remembered as a Los Blancos legend.

Xabi Alonso
He joined Real Madrid in 2009. But he had a decision to make when he left Liverpool.


Accept the Verdict
“Pep told me about it in Germany. He told Rafa he really likes me and would suit the way he plays very well, but Sergio Busquets has started in the first team and has tremendous potential. So Pep chose him and he was not wrong,” Xabi said.

Guardiola’s decision to choose Busquets brought its own blessing for Alonso. At Real Madrid, Alonso is almost irreplaceable. He played brilliantly. Leaving Madrid in 2014, Alonso won many trophies. These include La Liga and the Champions League.