Noze ‘SWF’ Shows Unexpected Reaction After Going Viral As EXO’s Kai’s Beautiful Dancer

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Before Participating As A ‘Street Woman Fighter’ Contestant, Noze WAYB First Went Viral As A Beautiful Dancer Kai EXO. So, How Do You Respond To This?

Before participating as a ” Street Woman Fighter ” participant , Noze WAYB was already widely known among dancers. Especially because she has a face as beautiful as a celebrity.

Noze is a famous background dancer who has danced with many K-Pop idols. In 2020, he went viral after appearing as a backup dancer of Kai EXO in the song “Mmmh”.

Noze went viral because fans were stunned by her beauty. He even has his own fancam with millions of views to the point of being dubbed the “beautiful dancer” of EXO’s Kai.

After appearing in “Street Woman Fighter”, Noze’s popularity is increasing. He is also frequently asked about his appearance on “Mmmh” every interview, including when he appeared on “MMTG”.

In the program, MC JaeJae discussed Noze’s appearance as dancer Kai while he was promoting “Mmmh”. Not only highlighting the different outfits that accentuated Noze’s appearance, JaeJae also read out praise comments for her.

JaeJae said, “And there were comments like this, ‘They didn’t want to use famous dancers on broadcast in the past. It’s kind of refreshing and I like seeing fancams of dancers these days’.”

After hearing this, Aiki who was also present there also commented. He asked if Noze was aware of the attention, including the fact that his performance was recorded by fans.

In response to this, Noze gave an unexpected answer. Because he didn’t realize that there were fans recording his performance.

I only found out after it went viral.”

Because there were many people who watched him perform with Kai, Noze admitted that he was quite burdened. That’s why he paid more attention to his appearance.

He explained, “I started grooming my hair for the music broadcast the following week. And I checked my glasses like this.”

JaJae and the other dancers began to praise Noze. They felt proud of him for creating a new culture for fancam dancers, something very foreign.

“Noze, good job!” said Aiki. Monika and Leejung Lee also appreciated Noze with a standing ovation.

Meanwhile, Noze will participate as a judge in the “Street Woman Fighter” spin-off entitled ” Street Dance Girls Fighter “. The program, which is intended for high school students and above, will start broadcasting in December.

Noze WAYB Tak Dibayar Untuk Koreografi Viral 'Hey Mama' di 'Street Woman  Fighter'

Noze WAYB Not Paid For Viral ‘Hey Mama’ Choreography On ‘Street Woman Fighter’

Monika PROWDMON Explained That While It Is Possible To Apply For Copyright Choreography, The Law Is Ambiguous Because There Are Many ‘Gaps’ That Can Be Passed.

Loyal fans of ” Street Woman Fighter ” certainly know the dance team leader when they performed the song “Hey Mama” by David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj , Bebe Rexha , and Afrojack . Choreography creation Noze WAYB it viral with many meng-cover.

But Noze apparently wasn’t paid for the “Hey Mama” choreography royalties. This was revealed in a conversation with MC Jaejae and the four team leaders of “Street Woman Fighter” on the MMTG YouTube channel recently.

“I recently heard through choreographer Bae Yoon Jung that there is no copyright with dance. For lyrics and lyricists, they are entitled to their copyright fees even 70 years after their death,” said MC Jaejae.

“They can get paid from generation to generation. But since you don’t get any royalties, I feel you can think that it’s all ‘useless’,” added MC Jaejae.

Monika PROWDMON went on to explain that while it is possible to apply for a choreography copyright, the law is ambiguous because of the many “gaps” one can go through. “So you can apply for dance copyright,” said Monika.

Every move has to be recorded. But because that particular step is copyrighted and someone can say, ‘actually I want to change it like this’ and it’s considered not a problem,” added Monika.

At a time when copyright laws regarding choreography may be unreliable, Monika shares what she believes is the most effective method of paying choreographers for their work.

“Many different people have tried to figure out the best way to pay the proper royalties. In my opinion, the best method I’ve seen so far comes when there’s an artist’s consideration. In the United States, dancers who have a contract while working with Justin Bieber will receive a percentage each time. Justin Bieber performed a certain song,” said Monika.

MC Jaejae then discussed Noze and his viral “Hey Mama” choreography which became a new phenomenon on the internet. MC Jaejae hopes that Noze will receive royalties for the choreography due to its mass success.

Every time someone copies the move, you will hear the clanging of money increasing in your bank account. You will become very rich,” concluded MC Jaejae .