Nope: Does the title of the new Jordan Peele have an explanation?


After Get Out and Us, director Jordan Peele opts, with Nope, again for a short and snappy title! But beyond the gimmick, which comes up several times in the film, should we see other explanations than “no”? Response elements !

Certain filmmakers certainly have a sense of formula when it comes to choosing a title for a film. Without a doubt,  Jordan Peele excels for his titles. After  Get Out and Us , it is again a short and effective title that has been chosen with… Nope !

If we translate the word literally, Nope means No, or rather Nan or Hé non since it is a variant a little more familiar than a simple No (No). Quebec, which systematically translates English titles, opted for “Ben non” to translate Nope......

The word Nope comes up several times during the film, justifying in itself the choice of this title. A sequence during which the word is heard should make viewers laugh, because it comes at an unexpected time. A surprise effect like Jordan Peele knows how to do!

Nope as a gimmick then, but we can go further and open this title to other interpretations. In an interview, Jordan Peele offered the following explanation: ” This film is clearly a merry-go-round. The title wants to stick with the public, to be in tune with how they feel. And I know that a lot of people , when they go to see a horror movie, like to say ‘ Nope ‘. Especially black audiences, right? We love horror but there is always a form of skepticism “, develops he with Entertainment Weekly . ” I love to take the audience and get them to react, like, ‘Nope’ or ‘Get out of the house’. I like to encourage that kind of

Finally, even if this expression does not appear in the film, the acronym NOPE stands for Not Of Planet Earth. A very clever title!

As a reminder, Nope follows the inhabitants of a lost valley in the depths of California, witnesses of a terrifying discovery of a supernatural nature. The film has been in theaters since August 10.