Noise, Ronaldo Gives Spicy Reply to Rooney’s Criticism


Manchester United star , Cristiano Ronaldo , gave a firm reply to the criticism made by Wayne Rooney and Jamie Carragher. He answered it through the Instagram comments column.

Rooney and Carragher, who were invited to the Sky Sports event , assessed that the Portuguese striker was not good enough to defend Manchester United. Both agreed that Ronaldo was too old to wear the Red Devils uniform.

The former Manchester United captain said Manchester United should release Ronaldo and Paul Pogba next summer. He also felt that the return of the superstar was not the best decision for the Red Devils.

Going forward, Rooney asked the management to pay more attention to young players. Either by recruiting new players or orbiting academy players who are still hungry for titles.

“If you look to the future I think you have to go with younger players who are more hungry to do everything to lift Manchester United’s achievements in the next two or three years,” Rooney said, quoted by Marca.

In fact, Ronaldo’s appearance is not so bad. He still contributed 18 goals in 32 games in all competitions.

In fact, the former pillar of Real Madrid and Juventus is often a determinant of MU’s victory. It’s just that his stamina is considered not qualified to appear in the Premier League .

“He is making progress. But he is not the same player as when he was 20 years old. He is still a threat in terms of scoring goals, but the rest, it takes more than that,” said the 36-year-old man.

“They need young and hungry players. I think they have it. Jadon Sancho can be better next season. Likewise with Marcus Rashford,” he said.

Knowing all these comments, Ronaldo did not seem to accept. However, he chose to reply via Instagram.

In a photo uploaded by Rooney, Ronaldo gave a scathing comment. “Two envious people,” wrote Ronaldo.

After giving this reply, Ronaldo only had to provide concrete evidence through his performance on the field. Is he able to lift the achievement of Manchester United or Rooney’s comments come true.