Nobody tells the story of an ordinary man named Hutch Mansell


There is no need to do a survey, but I am very sure that some of us have never thought of the name Bob Odenkirk starring in an action action film. Yes action action film, you read it right. The actor who soared his name after the phenomenal series Breaking Bad, then continued to Better Call Saul, which increased his prestige and we agree that Bob Odenkirik is one of the best character actors in hollywood today. But only limited to character actors who involve playing characters highlighting action, not for action films. But that’s what Bob Odenkirk tried to break in this Nobody movie. Unmitigated, it took Odenkirk 2 years to be able to play the character of Hutch Mansell in this Nobody movie. then what is the result?

Nobody tells the story of an ordinary man named Hutch Mansell. A husband and father of a son and daughter. The days Hutch undergo a repetitive routine and have a growing relationship with his wife Rebecca Mansell (Connie Nielsen). Their relationship lost its passion. Until one day their house was robbed. Mitch, who actually gets the opportunity to thwart the robbery, actually releases the robbers, which makes his son lose respect for his father.

When the days go back to normal, just because a favorite item of his daughter was taken by a robber, Mitch decides to look for traces of the robber who indirectly brings out the other side of Mitch that he has buried for a long time. This also accidentally gets Mitch into dealing with the Russian mafia. And Mitch’s identity was revealed. Mitch wasn’t just an ordinary person. Things that threaten not only himself but also the lives of his family. Who exactly is Hitch? What is he hiding from his family? Questions that can be found in the film.

If you have watched John Wick, it will be very easy to find a story plot that is slightly similar to Nobody. A man who is trying to bury his past and is forced to bring out his darkest side due to a situation that forces them. The difference is in the background of the character and also of course the main character. With a story plot that is almost the same, Bob Odenkirk is what makes Nobody special. Nobody’s definition feels very strong on the character. No one would have thought that these middle-aged gentlemen had such a feared background. And the result is that every action that is visualized again will provoke admiration.

For a story plot that is not really special anymore, Bob Odenkirik is the soul of this film. Even if the characters don’t catch your attention, the action portion is guaranteed to give its own satisfaction for action movie lovers. The visual action that stimulates adrenaline is also very fun, especially the last 15 minute sequence that makes the audience shudder and laugh at the same time.

For fans of John Wick’s action films, Nobody will be very satisfying. Some of the plot holes found would be forgiven for being able to be covered. As for Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fans, of course seeing Bob Odenkirk starring in this film is enough reason to watch Nobody. An appearance from Bob Odenkirik that may be very difficult to repeat, unless he decides to star in this film if there is a sequel.