Nobody has won the title and Juventus’ chances from the group stage are much lower than Chelsea.


Chelsea and Juventus have both not been at their best in the two 2022/2023 Champions League qualifiers. However, Opta predicts, based on mathematical calculations, Juventus is very unlikely to qualify.

Both teams hope that qualifying for the group stage will be easy. What happened was quite the opposite. Chelsea and Juventus are winless at all in their two matches.

Chelsea have only drawn one point from the draw against Salzburg in the second week. Chelsea previously lost to Dinamo Zagreb.

On the other hand, Juventus did not get a single point. The match between PSG and Benfica ended in defeat for the Old Lady.

Chelsea Chance

Chelsea are currently at the bottom of the table with one point. However, Opta predicts Chelsea’s chances of qualifying are still in the range of 45.1%.

With three points, they are surprisingly higher than Dinamo Zagreb who are currently in second place. The pass rate is only 26.29%.

But Salzburg have a higher chance than Chelsea. Salzburg, which is third with two points, has a ratio of 50.17%.

group E
1. AC Milan – 4 points – 78.36%
2. Dynamo Zagreb – 3 points – 26.29%
3. Salzburg – 2 points – 50.17%
4. Chelsea – 1 point – 45.18%

Juventus Opportunity

Juventus have an alarming 9.47% chance of qualifying for the finals. Juventus, which has not scored a single point, is currently in third place.

With the same score, Maccabi Haifa below shows a low score of 1.48%.

Meanwhile, the top two teams with six points, PSG and Benfica, have a very big chance. PSG is 97.22% and Benfica is 91.83%.

H group
1. PSG – 6 points – 92.22%
2. Benfica – 6 points – 91.83%
3. Juventus – 0 points – 9.47%
4. Haifa Maccabi – 0 – 1.48%


The next two games will be very decisive for Chelsea and Juventus. Not many chances, but if these two teams can collect six points in the next two games, they can turn things around.

Chelsea face a tough challenge as they have to face AC Milan for the second game in a row. Like it or not, Chelsea have to finish the whole game.

Juventus’ task is a little easier. The reason is, the opponent you have to face in a row is Maccabi Hi-Fi.