№1 Oscar bulletin: “Look from above” – ​​”a joke”, “CODA” – “great in every way”

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A member of the Academy’s production department, he shares (and why) films that have been given anonymity for free speech and received his valuable voice.

The Academy has been listening to ABC since Tom Sherak expanded the Best Picture category after “Black Knight,” and after Jerry Lewis fought for his prestigious Oscar at the Governor’s Awards. Then, during the “Oscar is so white” section, the Academy threw its members under the bus and since then has been adding new people – many of whom have really done nothing and in some cases don’t even work on the film. And now that the Academy has an expensive museum to worry about, and the whole organization is overstaffed and overpaid – there were more participants and security guards in the Academy’s screenings than members – she is afraid to defend herself. When ABC told the Academy to remove several categories directly from the show, the Academy bowed and dismissed them. They had to tell ABC to blow themselves up and sell the show to someone else. It is an insult to that category of candidates that their awards are presented while the red carpet is still going on and people are entering and leaving the room. And why? Need more time to show excerpts from superhero movies and give away a Twitter award? In addition, members will no longer be able to attend the show – they will not be playing the lottery this year – but the Academy’s parking attendant will take place every year. Many members are dissatisfied and are exploring the possibility of group litigation. This is not written for us.

I put Tick, Tick … Boom on my ballot. №1 – did a lot of good for this! I also thought that Unforgiveness was underestimated – it’s the strongest selfless film I’ve ever seen with Sandra Bullock’s amazing staging. As for the 10 nominees? Drive My Car is not bad, but it belongs to the category of international films, not here as Parasites. Dune deserves many categories, but it is not. I was looking forward to the new West Side story, but apart from its opening, it’s almost a carbon copy of the original; I know they’re emphasizing Latin and Latin actors this time around, but the name of the actress who plays Maria is Rachel Zegler, so I think it’s a bit overdone. Don’t Look Up is a humorous film. King Richard is not bad, but not very good. Miya pizza is masterful in some ways, but I don’t know how much it says. The other four – Belfast, CODA, Nightmare Alley and The Power of Dog – all deserve it. “The Power of the Dog” is beautifully illustrated, photographed and controlled in many ways, but it’s very long, with some interesting moments. Belfast moves with great performances and shows how hardships I have never seen before have affected ordinary people; I don’t know why they called the boy “Friend” but not “Kenneth”, but that’s another matter. Nightmare Alley is much higher than any other film by Guillermo del Toro, which won this award [Water Shape]; it is a study of vision and greed that many people can see. But CODA represents a part of life that certain people live, but most people don’t, and it’s great in every way it should be the best picture – it’s a great story, it has acting and directing, but it also conveys an important message about society. . He deserves recognition.

VOTING: (1) CODA, (2) Nightmare Alley, (3) Belfast, (4) The Power of the Dog, (5) Miya Pizza, (6) King Richard, (7) High Side, (8)) West Side Story , (9) Dune, (10) Drive My Car

Best director
I was surprised that [CODA] Xian Heather was not nominated for this nomination and [Drive My Car’s Ryusuke] was Hamaguchi. [West Side Story’s] Steven Spielberg shouldn’t have been nominated – the film was shot mainly by the art department and the choreography department. [Brain Pizza] Paul Thomas Anderson’s writing is far more impressive than his directing. [Belfast’s] Kenneth Brana and [Dog’s] Jane Campion are both very strong contenders; Kenneth told his story sparingly.

VOTING: Kenneth Brana, Belfast
[Becoming Ricardos’ Javier] Bardem didn’t do much for me; he doesn’t look like Desi Arnaz and the movie wasn’t so good. I have never been a fan of [King Richard] Will Smith. Denzel [Washington of the Macbeth Tragedy] is always great. [Dog Benedict] Cumberbatch gives strong, delicate performance. But my choice, and most