[No Spoiler Review] Suicide Squad; Wasting Existing Material


Suicide Squad tells the story of a US government agent, Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), who wants to create a controllable troop called Task Force X to anticipate if superhumans like Superman will turn evil. Its members include high-profile criminals such as Deadshot (Will Smith), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney), Enchantrees (Cara DeLevingne), El Diablo (Jay Hernandez), and Killer Croc and ‘accompanied’ by a soldier named Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) and a swordsman named Katana (Karen Fukuhara).

Filled with top actors, in a 2 hour film duration, you could say that only Will Smith and Margot Robbie were given the opportunity to appear. Both provide fun colors that previous DC films did not have. Especially for Margot Robbie, her acting as Harley Quinn is in line with what she imagines as a comic reader. But unfortunately the other characters are only as a complement. There is no meaningful interaction from members of the Suicide Squad throughout the film. In my head I hope Captain Boomerang will do insulting jokes to other members, but unfortunately he just stays silent with a look like he is drunk on marijuana.

The premise of the story offered is actually quite fresh compared to mainstream films about superheroes and presents new things. Unfortunately, the director and screenwriter of this film, David Ayer, failed to make good use of it. With the available materials, Ayer could actually make a comic adaptation film as fun as Ant-Man or Guardian of the Galaxy, but it turns out that the fall is still a semi- grimdark film with an unclear plot , different from what is shown in the promotion or Suicide Squad trailer that DC released.

In terms of editing also feels rough and confusing so that the transition of each scene feels strange. The plot twist that was tried to be presented in the middle of the film also failed miserably because the audience was not given time to digest what happened due to rushed storytelling and poor editing. Perhaps this was because they were shooting back and change some scenes for responding to the reviews bad BVS.

Even though the sound is not as grand as Batman v Superman, there are still some cool ones. The soundtrack that was chosen was also really cool and brought its own fun effect even though it sounded in contrast to the dark scene . The beginning of the film is also quite fun and reminiscent of the animated film Batman: Assault on Arkham.

The appearance of Jared Leto as a psychopathic clown, The Joker, is relatively small but enough to describe how annoying the Joker is, but unfortunately there hasn’t been enough time to describe the psychopathic side of the crazy Joker. The appearance of the 2 main DC superhero characters is also only fleeting, not as promised. One of the most enjoyable things is when there are flashbacks to the past of the members of the Suicide Squad , especially Harley Quinn, which is like being lifted straight from the pages of the comics.

Overall, Suicide Squad seems to have the components to make a high-end computer, but once it’s assembled it’s only used to play Zuma. Suicide Squad offers something different in the DC Extended Universe in their quest to reclaim the throne as comic book adaptation heroes. Although there is no sign of improvement, there is a will to make a film that is not grimdark . Although some think Suicide Squad is better than BvS, but in my opinion BvS is still better.


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