[No Spoiler Review] Don’t Breathe; The Horror That Takes My Breath


After being confused about what film to watch, finally decided to choose Don’t Breathe, based on the recommendations of trusted people in film matters. Looking at the poster, I thought I was going to watch a ghost horror film, but it turns out that I was wrong and this film is more of a horror thriller. But according to expectations – and recommendations –, this film presents tension for approximately 90 minutes.

I don’t think it’s fun to watch this film, I already know the story – I didn’t read the synopsis or watched the trailer, I was surprised – and it’s also recommended that you don’t watch the trailer because there are a few spoilers before watching this film. But I can guarantee you will get the tension (almost) full for 90 minutes. Horror films are generally just jump scares and then slow again, but Don’t Breathe is not like that. From the scene jump scare one to jump scare others in repeatedly, when felt would stop then the audience would already guess not only to much and wait for the next strain.

The attraction that brought director Fede Alvarez is the artistic cinematography. In contrast to action films or superhero films that rely on CGI to produce beauty, horror films generally use camera movement and lightning to build tension and add to the aesthetics of the film.

The most favorite scene is when facing total darkness. While other films prefer to use a greenish night vision display , Fede Alvarez prefers to display it in black and white , sort of , to further create the horror that is displayed and its own ingenuity for one of the characters.

In addition, the sound used is also put to good use to add to the horror. Not only is the sound booming and the tension is high, but when there is no sound at all it also manages to add to its own tension.

Unfortunately the characters that appear there are a few shortcomings in building their characterization. Daniel Zovatto as Money is just a typical scumbag , and Dylan Minnette (Goosebumps, The Prisoners) as Alex isn’t given a solid reason to do *spoilers*, but fortunately Jane Levy –who somehow I think of Reese Witherspon- is the most ‘obvious’ character. ‘ of this trio. Stephen Lang is a very scary antagonist even though he doesn’t have dialogue for about an hour, before finally getting dialogue.

With camera art and lighting and sound settings, Don’t Breathe offers a horror thriller film of approximately 90 minutes. Although it is relatively poor in dialogue, it can be maximized properly to create its own horror. During watching the film, there may be a moral war within yourself to judge which side is right, but the tension of one and the other tensions that keep on making a fool of ourselves with our thoughts. The slightly WTF ending does not detract from the beauty of this film.